Before the HUNID…


This was the view that I had as I was landing at Kingsford-Smith Airport. It wasn’t the first picture that I took on Australian soil (those were much blurrier).

In the background, you can make out some of the airplanes on the tarmac – including a Virgin Jet (I’m not sure if it was a Virgin Australia or a Virgin Atlantic), the tail of a Singapore A380 as well as a Malaysian Airlines plane.


First Impressions of Australia

While I’m going through some of the older photos that I have on the various hard drives on my computers, I figure it’s a great time to go through some of the photos I’ve taken on my various trips over time.

However, this isn’t a photo that was taken by a camera. This is actually a screenshot of an iMessage that I sent to Snoskred, but due to the fact that I was already out of the airport, I was away from the free WiFi, so the message wasn’t actually sent until I found my next free wifi, which was, I believe, on the ferry to Manly.

The background to this is, of course, that I had just spent better than a day travelling across the globe (leaving Milwaukee at 2:26PM Thursday, arriving Sydney at 10:30 AM Saturday (6:30 PM Friday Milwaukee time)). I was at the point of being ready to crash into a bed, but I was told not to, and I was glad I didn’t.

Anyway, I stepped outside after I was listening to the final game of the 2011 World Series (which I had learnt about while on the plane from Auckland to Sydney, as I had been thinking that the Rangers had it sealed up from what I heard while in the San Francisco airport). Then, it hit me:


I still find it hilarious that I managed to misspell Humidity, but it’s still a favourite line of mine “Holy fuck the Hunid!” :)

Now only if they could sort out the anthem…Adam Hills, what say you?

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Winter has come


Well, it’s winter and with winter comes the doldrums. But with the doldrums does come some good things –

When I updated my stats previously, I had mentioned that I had gained quite a bit over the course of 2014. Well, thanks to some changes that I made to my exercise routine, namely going to a different gym with different equipment and a more peaceful atmosphere where you don’t have people grunting all the time, I have managed to take off 6 pounds!

Beginning weight on 30/12/14 = 348.75lb (158.19kg)
Weight on 30/01/15 = 342.5625lb (155.38kg)

What is interesting is that with the different gym (it’s all part of the same company’s chain of franchises), they have a special room with a stand out front. It offers a series of classes called Wellbeats.

The series that I have been doing mostly is the Kinetics, which features a teacher showing you different moves that I thought there’s no way I can do that. Things like burpees, mountain climbers, lunges and just all kinds of crazy stuff that is really good for the body.

However, being who I am and saying I can’t do that yet then trying it and trying it again, I manage to do this stuff (even if I did fall to the floor when trying a curtsy lunge! :D). There’s a story to be told about my learning to swim later, as it’s relevant here. :)

Are you trying to lose weight this winter? What have you been doing to lose the weight, and is it working?

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Bad Photoshops

I’ve recently purchased (the parts for) a computer (and built it, a story for later). While going through files from the computer that it’s replacing, I found this photo randomly.

I think it may have been an attempt to enter a photoshop contest? I don’t know, but I found it hilarious that these poor kids are trying to play what looks to be hockey using a basketball alongside the freeway. In full view of a police car.


Oh, and there’s a plane taking off from an airport apparently…

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And I thought Fox News was bad!


Over the last year, I’ve had somewhere in the neighbourhood of 40-50 channels added to my TV service, including one channel in particular that has quickly become a “must watch” for me when there’s something live on.

That channel is Willow TV, and it’s a channel that airs only one sport. Cricket. (OK, they did air one field hockey game a couple of months back, but it had India in it, so they aired it). With it airing Cricket, you can only take a guess who the target audience of the adverts on the channel are aimed at…the Indian expatriate community. The ads are mostly in English, but you do get some in Hindi and some other South Asian languages thrown in for variety.

There are even ads for major American companies (State Farm, New York Life) that air and are aimed, again, at the expat community.

One of the ads that has popped up more recently is for a movie called PK. The whole gist of the movie, as far as I can tell, is this guy comes to India and thinks everything is weird. Seeing that this is a Bollywood movie, they feature songs, and the ad that they introduced the movie here with is this one –

Love is a Waste of Time

After one or two airings of the ad, the song starts to get to earworm status, and stays in for quite a while!

Anyway, I get to searching YouTube for the ad and now I learn that there’s a huge brouhaha surrounding the movie, since some people think that the movie should not have received approval due to it making fun of Hindu rituals and customs.

And I find this video which is a “full debate” about the movie and who crossed the line –

Let’s see…we start not with a commentator introducing people one-by-one, we get all 6 of the guests on screen at the same time, with the “moderator” (I use that term very loosely, he’s more of a floor director and commandeer) in the biggest box. Very soon, in a moment when nobody in speaking (at least audibly to us), he tells them all to be quiet. Then we have the religious pundit and the politician going at it in English. Eventually, it just pretty much turns into a shouting match, first in English and then in Hindi…and then it just…ends.

I don’t get it. Maybe we can get an explanation of what’s going on here…John Oliver?

Maybe I should check this movie out…but with English Subtitles

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