Wordless Wednesday: Meeting Place

Browsing Google Maps, I found this. It’s a meaningful place to me :)

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A place for everything…

Well, at least my shoes :)

Snoskred has placed a challenge to everyone in the whole entire world to share where their shoes live. I’ve been meaning to write some more recently and the fact that I now have updated my iPhone to iOS 8 and have installed a version of the swype keyboard called SwiftKey on here is a way to test it out.

There is also the still-easy option of using my proper keyboard and computer that I have. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here, but I bought a MacBook Pro about 4 years ago, and it is working quite well for me (even though the hard drive is only down to 18GB free, 50GB of which is pictures!). In fact, most of this post is being written using a keyboard as it is much easier, and then I don’t get myself caught in an infinite loop of words that it automatically suggests. ;)

Whoa, tangent. Where was I? Oh yeah, shoes. One thing I have to mention as well, is that Snoskred is responsible for most of the choices of shoes shown here, with the exception of two pair, mostly because she was not present when I purchased the shoes, though her other half was when I did buy one of them, and it’s related (if I’m remembering correctly) to the story of one of her pairs of shoes, which will be coming as a surprise soon.

Anyway, my shoes have a few homes in my residence. Most commonly, I just leave the shoes wherever I take them off. Here you see an area in the den of the house. This is showing my workout shoe collection -

The workout collection

The workout collection

The pair of shoes at the bottom were the first pair of dedicated workout shoes that I had used for about 18 months or so…when you wear them for only an hour a day, they tend to last a lot longer. Over them are my current pair of workout shoes, and are the first pair of shoes pictured that I bought in Hawai’i. These are Adidas Climacool shoes, and I still love the orange color, something that came as a result of my desire to get away from grays and other blandness.

Next up are the living room shoes. Nine times out of ten, this is where the shoes land after I get home from work and working out –

The Living Room collection

From left to right, there are my every day shoes I wear to work, black Rockports which I bought from Costco for only $40 after I had come back from Hawai’i since I wanted a better-fitting pair of shoes than what I had previously. Next we have an awesome pair of sandals that have been in two lakes with no issues, since they’re waterproof. These are Cobians which I got in Hawai’i. Lastly, we have another pair of Adidas shoes – these are the shoes I wear most of the time on the weekend, and on Fridays and casual days to work.

This next pair was living in my bedroom at the time I shot it –


It is almost time for me to replace these shoes. These are the other pair of Adidas shoes I bought. I had my doubts about them at first, since they had these nubs on them, but when you wear them for a while, your feet feel SO awesome after taking them off since you get a massage :)

There’s one more left –

In-Car camera

This is the normal home for my gym shoes – in my gym bag, sitting in the back seat of my car. They’re there because right after I get done with working, I go right to the gym and work out, so I definitely need these shoes, otherwise I’d be working out wearing dress shoes :D

Some of these shoes have longer stories than others – that may just be some fodder for future blog posts :)

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Boxtera…What’s Inside?

As I had mentioned, a box had come to me quite literally as a surprise from the folks at Boxtera. There is a bit of a story here…a couple of weeks ago, I got an email referencing me to a site that corrals all the “box of the month” items – My Subscription Addiction, with the note that “I think you should order this”, to which I replied:

Well it certainly does look interesting! ;)

I may do it. But yeah just the one month :)

Sent from my iPhone

Nothing further is said about this until the box arrived. One look on the box and I knew the culprit. I don’t live in New York, nor do I have a 212 area code phone number. But it made it through anyways, even though any enquiries about the delivery would have gone to a sport company in New York City ;)

So, let’s have a look at what’s in the box. I shall apologise now for the lighting on the pictures. I took them using my iPad and a small LED flashlight as a light source.

When you first open the box, you’re presented with a neat sticker that tells you that it’s from Boxtera, with some very nice green tissue paper (which I had already ripped earlier when I did a live unboxing on FaceTime)


The first thing that I saw was a hand-written note, which is something that you can add in when you buy a gift of the box for someone else. It was a really cool addition ;)


So, let’s get into what the contents look like. If you want the whole list, Boxtera have posted the full packing list for the December box on their site. The first items are the bigger bags:


Clockwise from the top we have:

  • SeaSnax – Seaweed & Olive oil snack. This one seems to be very interesting, and it’s promised to be very addictive, so that may be an unexpected awesome :)
  • CocomoCorn – Caramel corn…not what you’d expect to be healthy, but that is what it’s billed as
  • Flamous Falafel Chips – All natural, and showing to be the perfect chip for hommus. Considering that I have taken quite a liking to the chickpea creation, especially when it is flavoured (amongst my favourites are garlic and one from Aldi – JalapeƱo Cilantro), so this should prove to be awesome :)
  • Surfsweets fruit snacks – All natural and sugary, that should be cool ;)
  • Good Life Granola…not too sure what to do with that one, admittedly, and there is 4 oz of it in there!
  • World Peas – Szechuan (or Sichuan) Chilli flavour – This one I suspect will be a favourite of mine in here, as I have taken quite a liking to wasabi peas (which I have now found out do come in a green package, and not just from the bulk foods section of the store), the spicy Sichuan/Szechuan Chilli should be fabulous. They also have a curry flavour available, and a bacon one! ;)
  • The GFB, Gluten Free Bar – Peanut butter & chocolate. It is very dense, and actually a bit higher in calories than I would expect, but it is peanut butter and chocolate, not exactly caloric lightweights, even with gluten ;)
  • Pirate’s Booty white cheddar cheese puffs – I’ve seen these for sale at Costco occasionally, but haven’t gotten to try one. This will be a great replacement for my cheese puffs from Nutrisystem ;)

The next few shots cover the smaller items in the box.


Clockwise from the top

  • Blue Algae Nut butter. Is it from nuts or from algae? What does it taste like? I think it may go well with carrots or possibly on a Algae-nut butter sandwich?
  • The Perfect Snaque – Honey barbecue seasoned lentils. Let’s see…Honey barbecue? Yum. Lentils? Healthy, and filled with protein as well
  • Raw Crunch energy bar – uncooked, but no indication of the flavor of this one, I will have to see what it is and come back :)…I checked the website, the Ch indicates Chocolate ;)
  • Fearless Organic Superchocolate – 75% Cacao – Dark chocolate? Love it! I’ve been known to buy on the rare occasion one of these types of bars (though the last time was at least a couple of years ago)


And last but not least:

  • Skinny Bits – they come with a card explaining it. This seems to be a bit of a snacking item; I am not sure if there is a particular flavour to this one, so I will check on this later as well.
  • Energy Serj energy shot – Similar to the 5-hour energy, which I’ve never had. I’ve never actually had any of those energy shot kinds of things, only the rare caffeine ;)
  • go raw Banana bread flax bar – very small, but I have heard many good things about flax seed, plus the banana bread flavour should be awesome :)
  • The Simply Bar caramel peanut energy bar – before I started the Nutrisystem, I would have a protein bar usually every night, so this should be fitting right into that idea ;)
  • Bumble bar energy bar - Original Peanut flavour. There certainly is a theme here of energy…so it should be somewhat helpful with energy for me ;)

So, there you have it, the December Boxtera box, full of really great goodies to enjoy. I think I’m going to try the Sichuan/Szechuan Chilli peas first ;)

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Something arrived today


I got a call from home saying that there was a box for me. I couldn’t figure out what was up, as I hadn’t requested anything. It turns out that this was enclosed: a gift from my awesome friend Snoskred, who surprised me with the boxtera box for December. I am off to bed right now but I wanted to post this picture to show off what it looks like ;)

Mooneys thanks ;)

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Gym time mk ii


This is a now typical trip in the elliptical for me. I will look to dig out an old picture of when I started going to the gym in August of 2011, to show the progress I have had. :)

Of course, there is that one thing that I mentioned that annoyed me in the gym. What it is is the off hissing sound that a couple of the people make when they are there. It’s seemingly unnecessary to me and is literally loud enough to play over the music and at times even over my headphones! Does anyone else experience this annoyance?

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