Bad Photoshops

I’ve recently purchased (the parts for) a computer (and built it, a story for later). While going through files from the computer that it’s replacing, I found this photo randomly.

I think it may have been an attempt to enter a photoshop contest? I don’t know, but I found it hilarious that these poor kids are trying to play what looks to be hockey using a basketball alongside the freeway. In full view of a police car.


Oh, and there’s a plane taking off from an airport apparently…

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And I thought Fox News was bad!


Over the last year, I’ve had somewhere in the neighbourhood of 40-50 channels added to my TV service, including one channel in particular that has quickly become a “must watch” for me when there’s something live on.

That channel is Willow TV, and it’s a channel that airs only one sport. Cricket. (OK, they did air one field hockey game a couple of months back, but it had India in it, so they aired it). With it airing Cricket, you can only take a guess who the target audience of the adverts on the channel are aimed at…the Indian expatriate community. The ads are mostly in English, but you do get some in Hindi and some other South Asian languages thrown in for variety.

There are even ads for major American companies (State Farm, New York Life) that air and are aimed, again, at the expat community.

One of the ads that has popped up more recently is for a movie called PK. The whole gist of the movie, as far as I can tell, is this guy comes to India and thinks everything is weird. Seeing that this is a Bollywood movie, they feature songs, and the ad that they introduced the movie here with is this one –

Love is a Waste of Time

After one or two airings of the ad, the song starts to get to earworm status, and stays in for quite a while!

Anyway, I get to searching YouTube for the ad and now I learn that there’s a huge brouhaha surrounding the movie, since some people think that the movie should not have received approval due to it making fun of Hindu rituals and customs.

And I find this video which is a “full debate” about the movie and who crossed the line –

Let’s see…we start not with a commentator introducing people one-by-one, we get all 6 of the guests on screen at the same time, with the “moderator” (I use that term very loosely, he’s more of a floor director and commandeer) in the biggest box. Very soon, in a moment when nobody in speaking (at least audibly to us), he tells them all to be quiet. Then we have the religious pundit and the politician going at it in English. Eventually, it just pretty much turns into a shouting match, first in English and then in Hindi…and then it just…ends.

I don’t get it. Maybe we can get an explanation of what’s going on here…John Oliver?

Maybe I should check this movie out…but with English Subtitles

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The Disappearing Man

Air New Zealand sat in Honolulu Airport

It’s been the longest time since I’ve talked much about what I am up to and where things stand right now. I did have some posts that I made in that time – like the posts about what I’ve been eating over the last, now, two years.

For 2015, I really do want to get more writing done and want to make sure that if I have something to say that I do say it. I want to start with just a simple update of what I’ve been doing over the last few, well, years.

It all starts with 2008, when I had left my last job as a telemarketer to become a call centre agent with a different company. The awesome news about that is that I am still with the same company, but I have been in a few different roles, receiving some accolades along the way. Most recently, I have been working as a member of the support staff which entails sharing my vast knowledge of my company’s products and policies to help out other representatives along with handling calls from customers who, to keep it polite, aren’t terribly happy with their situations.


Since then, I have also done some travelling. In 2009, I travelled to Chicago for an overnight trip that involved my first ever trip to an IKEA store, and being able to galavant around downtown. In 2010, I did two trips – one to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which involved a circuitous route that got me lost, on a dirt road and then going back on the same road I went down. There was also something in that trip about driving over 500 miles in one day and not sleeping…not my brightest move ;) I then took a trip to Atlanta later that year for a family wedding which I felt completely awkward and uncomfortable at.

When we get to 2011, I took the first of my two super-awesome and amazing vacations. That was to Australia for a week and a half of fantastic experiences with my bestest friends Snoskred and her Other Half. While on the way back, I was able to experience, albeit for just a few hours, Honolulu. Since I had planned things poorly, it wound up being just a day where I meandered around one of the malls there and went out to the beach before having to head back to the “real world.”

Then in 2013, I once again had the opportunity to travel, this time back to Hawaii to meet for the second time with Snoskred and her Other Half. We spent a week there (the time was shortened slightly at the front because of some dingbat deciding to shoot a TSA agent at Los Angeles…) eating amazing food, seeing awesome sights – including two full island tours of O’ahu, being approached by Jehovah’s Witnesses at the end of the road, and for me, a major personal accomplishment of snorkelling in the ocean (even if it was in a protected lagoon of Magic Island, you’re still in the Pacific Ocean!).

Life change

It was after the Australia trip that I really made the biggest change in my life, and it involves the series of posts that I did in 2012 discussing the foods I’d been eating for, at that time, the last 6 months or so. I started the Nutrisystem program at that time.

When I started the program, I weighed – to the best of my reckoning since I did not have a scale that could weigh me – over 500 pounds. It may have been closer to 600 if I’m honest, but I never got a starting number. At my lowest so far, I was at around 320lb on an analog dial scale which topped out at 300.

Unfortunately, I have put back on nearly 30 pounds (or 15kg) in the last year, which ticks me off, but I have to own the failure as my own. I have been undisciplined with my eating especially after I had changed my work schedule to be working later in the day. That’s also combined with finding the awesomeness that is the McCafe Frappes and coffees…

That said, I’ve lost damn near 200 pounds – the weight of a full grown person! It’s an achievement that is not easy, especially if you don’t use the aides of weight loss surgeries and diet pills. I’ve done it all through the two key elements of good weight loss – diet and exercise.

Where do I go from here?

Well, the first thing that I want to do is to make more time to do some good writing. After not having written for the longest time, when I wrote the post I did in September about my shoes, it felt really good to get my fingers on the keyboard once again, and that I am a good writer.

I want to write a post at least weekly on here to talk about some things that I’ve been looking at – talking about maybe some of the TV I’ve been watching. Not only that, talk about some of the experiences I’ve had on my trips. I’ve done some writing about my trips, but not a full-blown trip report. I’ve gotten some of the items written up, but just haven’t taken the time to get it out there.

Also, I want to share my photos. What good is it if nobody ever sees your photos except for yourself? ;)

One last thing

I heard this song and thought that it fitted me quite well…there are times when I don’t feel strong at all, but then I realize all of the accomplishments that I’ve made and realize that I am a very strong and resilient person when it comes to being me. Not only that, but over the last two years that I’ve been in my current role at work, I’ve really come out of my shell and become more confident in my abilities naturally.


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Wordless Wednesday: Meeting Place

Browsing Google Maps, I found this. It’s a meaningful place to me :)

View Larger Map

Link to the image above if it doesn’t post

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A place for everything…

Well, at least my shoes :)

Snoskred has placed a challenge to everyone in the whole entire world to share where their shoes live. I’ve been meaning to write some more recently and the fact that I now have updated my iPhone to iOS 8 and have installed a version of the swype keyboard called SwiftKey on here is a way to test it out.

There is also the still-easy option of using my proper keyboard and computer that I have. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here, but I bought a MacBook Pro about 4 years ago, and it is working quite well for me (even though the hard drive is only down to 18GB free, 50GB of which is pictures!). In fact, most of this post is being written using a keyboard as it is much easier, and then I don’t get myself caught in an infinite loop of words that it automatically suggests. ;)

Whoa, tangent. Where was I? Oh yeah, shoes. One thing I have to mention as well, is that Snoskred is responsible for most of the choices of shoes shown here, with the exception of two pair, mostly because she was not present when I purchased the shoes, though her other half was when I did buy one of them, and it’s related (if I’m remembering correctly) to the story of one of her pairs of shoes, which will be coming as a surprise soon.

Anyway, my shoes have a few homes in my residence. Most commonly, I just leave the shoes wherever I take them off. Here you see an area in the den of the house. This is showing my workout shoe collection –

The workout collection

The workout collection

The pair of shoes at the bottom were the first pair of dedicated workout shoes that I had used for about 18 months or so…when you wear them for only an hour a day, they tend to last a lot longer. Over them are my current pair of workout shoes, and are the first pair of shoes pictured that I bought in Hawai’i. These are Adidas Climacool shoes, and I still love the orange color, something that came as a result of my desire to get away from grays and other blandness.

Next up are the living room shoes. Nine times out of ten, this is where the shoes land after I get home from work and working out –

The Living Room collection

From left to right, there are my every day shoes I wear to work, black Rockports which I bought from Costco for only $40 after I had come back from Hawai’i since I wanted a better-fitting pair of shoes than what I had previously. Next we have an awesome pair of sandals that have been in two lakes with no issues, since they’re waterproof. These are Cobians which I got in Hawai’i. Lastly, we have another pair of Adidas shoes – these are the shoes I wear most of the time on the weekend, and on Fridays and casual days to work.

This next pair was living in my bedroom at the time I shot it –


It is almost time for me to replace these shoes. These are the other pair of Adidas shoes I bought. I had my doubts about them at first, since they had these nubs on them, but when you wear them for a while, your feet feel SO awesome after taking them off since you get a massage :)

There’s one more left –

In-Car camera

This is the normal home for my gym shoes – in my gym bag, sitting in the back seat of my car. They’re there because right after I get done with working, I go right to the gym and work out, so I definitely need these shoes, otherwise I’d be working out wearing dress shoes :D

Some of these shoes have longer stories than others – that may just be some fodder for future blog posts :)

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