Advertising Stuff

There are some advertisements on TV lately (and considering the type of shows I watch, they’re on just about every 7 minutes or so) that really bug me.

First – Sprint’s Nextel brand’s advertisement for its built-in GPS and DirectConnect®. The ad features two people in an office when another guy walks in and asks about some dots…can you talk to the dots…yep…can they talk back…yep…then it ends with an arguement over whether the interloper is agitating the Boss’ dots.

Next – the ads for the local newscasts and their “features” on the late news – “Is your food ‘Fresh off the Truck?'” (as the screen shows a box of fresh food dropping off the back of a truck). The story was interesting, but the ad was annoying – by the way, they said that just because it was sitting in the heat for a little while, doesn’t mean that the food is dangerous if it’s cooked properly

Lastly, an ad that I like – Kmart is running their back to school ads and the one for backpacks has a dad giving his kids bags that have “The Svetvas” on them. “They’re big in Sweden,” the father says.