BB7 Liveish Eviction…

Well, Howie is out on a 3-2 vote, and he didn’t go down fighting, getting into Mike’s face and tossing his hat – as Mike said “There goes another class act”

It’s just too bad that Janelle didn’t get the boot, but George somehow sees a good player in the blonde. Ironically, it was Mike’s reminder that someone (well, he) has the power to replace nominations immediately prior to voting that led to Howie being nominated.

Woot! Mike won the HOH…I’ll guess he nominates Janelle and either Erika or George, the only risk in that strategy is the veto of course; if that happens, the most likely replacement would be Danielle.

However, reading on the Behind Big Brother Forums (the site’s focus is on Aussie BB, but has a section for International BBs), it appears the veto competition for this part of the week is over and that Howie was evicted sometime yesterday. Ah well, that really doesn’t change how I view the show – I cope with the fact that Rockstar is filmed at about this time every Sunday and the results show starts taping 15 minutes after the voting closes just fine. 🙂

2 thoughts on “BB7 Liveish Eviction…

  1. BB ain’t really dead here; it’s just not like the rest of the world (hey, the US different from the world, what a shock! ;)).

    The major differences are, in nice bullet-points 😉

    * Only one person is allowed to nominate per week, the Head of Household – which is competed for after each eviction
    * The HoH puts up 2 HMs for nomination, but one nomination can change with the Golden Power of Veto – the HoH, nominees and three other HMs selected at random by draw – compete for the right to change a nomination.
    * Evictions and nominations can be freely talked about in the house
    * The HMs vote for eviction, so we don’t have a Mike Goldman for reading names and phone numbers :p

    The main reason that this is so different from the rest of the world is that around the same time that CBS were running BB, there was another little show you might have heard of running…Survivor, so Endemol US decided to change the format to one of “Survivor in a House”

    Oh, one other thing – there are no tasks either, food is determined by the Food Competition – winners get regular food and losers get “Big Brother Slop” – a high-protein wheat product that is supposedly disgusting; it used to be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Chicken George has committed himself to eating slop for the rest of the series as the result of a veto competition a few weeks ago.

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