End of the world?

Some people have been saying that tomrrow (22 August) is going to be the “end of the world”. This notion first came to light for me on a broadcast on CNN Headline News’ Glenn Beck programme. The story goes that tomorrow is apparently an important day in the Muslim Calendar – something to do with the 12th Imam. I’m not well-versed on Islamic religious traditions, so I don’t know if this really is an important day or not, but it would seem that according to some, this day on their calendar is like Christmas and Easter in one.

Anyway, Iran is scheduled to reply to the UN’s request to suspend their uranium program on the 22nd – presumably during the day, but it is worth noting that it is after midnight there (GMT+3.5) and the world is still here. Maybe it will be at 12:00 AM GMT – or 7 PM local time here.

For some reason, most of the world is (rightfully) ignoring this, but it has been in my mind a bit ever since seeing the mention of this on that TV show a couple of weeks ago.

I’m about 99% certain that this is a bunch of hogwash as Brian Whitaker had written about on the website of The Guardian in the UK. Considering all the end-times preaching that goes on in this country – just tune into TBN and you can see these folks saying that the end is nigh and that we should make right with our maker.

Of course, there was that giant tsunami that was supposed to occur on the 25th of May and that never happened; then again, I never took that as seriously as I do this.

Maybe I should stop worrying and just watch the Rockstar show. 🙂

Edit – I think that the person on the Wikipedia Talk page for the 22nd of August is right – “I think we can safely say that no one has ever been right about the end of the world so far.”