Let the fingers do the walking…

Over the last few weeks, the local major phone company (i.e. the one everyone else has but my town has) has been running ads touting their new-look Yellow Pages. Ours finally came today via regular post. In fact, the local Post Office deicded to send out a standard truck in advance of the regular route in order to deliver just the phone books; the rest of the mail came in the usual manner – delivered by the postman in his own car 🙂

Now, you’d think that a company as large as AT&T would have had the few pennies in their budget to actually bother looking through the phone book to make sure that there were no traces of the old name of the phone company, right?

Of course not! First of all, the book is published by Ameritech Publishing Inc. (in other words, the name of the phone company some 5 years ago), and all of the ads highlighting the unused logo services in the phonebook mention that it’s from SBC. Oops.

Anyways, I can stop fretting about the phone book not coming. 😉