A new toy…

Yesterday, I was at the local Wal-Mart (and to think, within the next year, there’ll be 3 supercenters – ones with grocery stores, or as the one close to opening up is called “Food Center”, attached – within a 30k range); walking towards the back of the store, through the electronics department when a little keychain camera caught my eye.

The one that I was going to get was one by Philips, but the one I finally ended up getting has really a “killer” feature – external storage using cards I already use. 😉

To me, that’s a feature worth paying the extra $5 for – even if it is an off brand. Oh, and it takes pictures in 1280×960 and 1600×1200 formats – the philips as far as I could tell only did 640×480.

New camera on a CD-R. Click to enlarge.
So, what does one do with a camera so small? Take pictures where a Dimage Z1 would be noticed and this little job wouldn’t 🙂

For example, you can go to the grocery store and take pictures of various things, like the cheese case –

Or, all the pre-packaged Asian noodles that have become available in the last year –

And check out all the variety of luncheon meats available –

The only thing about this camera is that you’ll notice that the pictures are quite blurry; I admit that my hands aren’t the most stable in the world, but if you put the blur aside, this little job doesn’t do that bad of a job.

However, I will also be posting some photos I took with my “proper” camera – the Z1 – which has that all-important function – a viewfinder that shows you what the CCD is seeing; of course, the Z1 cost me about $300 2 years ago, along with the $75 256MB SD card, that nowadays you can find for around $25 – 1GB cards are now at $40! It’s amazing how cheap electronics are especially when you look at how it was 10 years ago, but that’s another topic for another time 🙂