Rockstar – Some sites

I decided to go through a google blog search for the Rockstar show, and there are a couple of funny sites and/or posts that I’ve found –

First off, “Leper Pop Rocks” – their recaps are pretty hilarious. This segment from tonight’s episode is gold to me –

I’m guessing the camera crew got the day off since we were not allowed into Pulse Studios this week to see the rehearsals/tryouts. We’re apparently on a need to know basis, and all we need to know is that Lukas is this week’s Suave Porn Featured Dancer.

Suave Porn/Lukas – It’s On: I can’t see them filling arenas with this guy at the helm. In fact, I’m not sure they’d make enough money to fill the tank in their tour bus.

TLee then wanted to thank all the maniacs in internet land that have nothing better to do than sit in front of their computer and make webpages about a goddam reality show. Bunch of losers. Umm, wait a minute. Nevermind. Strike that.

And then there is this post on a site called “This Is Babble On”, entitled “F— You Rockstar Supernova” in reaction to the result of tonight’s show. Sometimes it’s fun to see how you type when you are slightly imbibed… 🙂