Rockstar – Week 7 Performances

This week, it’s not only acoustic, but it’s a string quartet

oh ha’s stripped down…both clothes and music. Hey look! it’s the Honda ad again! along with the boring pr dude!

were the groans from a track?

1 – Zayra – almost looking like a human (kinda) – Lluvia del Mar – Singing in Spanish really puts her in her element. As far as her look – the dress was good, but the bikini top didn’t work that great. I’d say that she did great with this; she really would do good in the rock en español crowd, maybe not heavy metal 😉

-adbreak- 8.11 just a comment here – Jericho looked interesting in about the first 200 ads I’ve seen on it, but I think they’re reaching overkill (this makes one wonder if he’s been watching maybe too much CBS lately). back 8.13

2 – Magni – Starman – White suit tonight – good job; not really any comments to add

3 – Patrice – Message in A Bottle – note that she took the queue from Gilby for Magni and started to lead the crowd; clearly she has no low range; is ok but I think this is just smack of the “same” factor that could lead her out of the comp this week. the performer in her really isn’t coming out; in the long run that will hurt her

-adbreak- 8.22 – lukas & storm coming up, plus you can see an exclusive interview with Brooke on your Verizon Wireless mobile…exciting, no? back 8.25

4 – Lukas – Hero – There’s a bit of the growl there, but this is a song that it fits in. However, I think that his voice quality kinda fell off towards the end. I’d say that was pretty good in the end.

5 – Storm – I Will Survive – Was she attempting to do a jig during the bridge? I’m not impressed. OK, she’s the third person to use Vegas as an excuse, that’s getting boring now. After this I think she might be gone this week; I’d venture to guess that she’ll be in the bottom 3 tomorrow morning.

-Adbreak- 8.33 back 8.37

6 – Toby – Solsberry Hill – great; the bongos fit in, much unlike the megaphone last week (and as much as I like oz, I’m glad that the bongos don’t have the flag on them ;-))

7 – Ryan – In the Air Tonight – I liked it. Yay for not having that darn wig on a hoodie!

-adbreak- 8.45; I like those staples commercials with “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” and the easy button getting school supplies delivered 🙂 – back 8.49

8 – Dilana – Cats in the Cradle – What else is there to say? She can make anything work. We are moments away from the start of voting at 8.54.27 – voting starts at 8.54.46.

-adbreak- 8.55 Bottom 3 prediction – Storm, Patrice, Zayra (not really for the performance, but more or less just to make up the numbers) back 8.58

btw – on the ads, I like “The Class” ads – now they’re showing the various characters in a spelling bee with words relating to their lives

Bottom 3 at the start of voting:


Toby isn’t really surprising as he was in the early bottom three a couple of weeks ago; I think that the Aussie/NZ voting block may go ahead and might just save him this week again; I do think that his performance was good. Also, I’m guessing that there’s a bit of the “Idol Effect” that might be going on here – the negative comments for Storm might have the opposite effect in the voting.