Rockstar – Week 7 Reality Episode

week 7 – reality episode

could the promoter be any more boring? I mean come on! That’ll put me to sleep. Interestingly, it appears that they have the airshow installed in the plane as well.

Let’s count the times we see Honda, the logo or anything else realted to honda – 3. at least.

Yo Zayra, your own stuff is only going to be in the Hard Rock Café if you leave it there; also, don’t think you’re going to be on that stage unless you’re invited by someone you know personally…

Good on ya Dilana for making your case 😉

hmm – one original song; and all acoustic

Gilby on Solsbury hill..and everyone wants to do it 😀

This ought to be good…zayra doing an original :O

well, it will be somewhat different – she’ll be screaming in spanish

toby – solsberry hill