Rockstar – Week 7 Result Show

Good Morning Brooke! – I think she’s a bit tired this morning; actually, they all look half-asleep. There’s a huge surprise coming up tonight, but first we have to go through the performances and the last 2 days at the house…I’m sorry, last night in the house…

listening to lukas during the recap – his voice was bad (maybe that was the editing though)

gotta give it to Storm though – she is confident in herself and her abilities

Now go to jason – big announcement time….now to gilby….gonna play live on a track based on who does best in the studio that week…Now i didn’t watch the inxs show last year, but did they do that then?

This week it will be….dilana 😉

Just a comment – I don’t know what happened, maybe it’s a hardware thing, maybe it’s the flashing lights, but it would seem that the framerate slowed a few frames per second there…

-adbreak- encore+bottom 3 announcement 7.16 back 7.19

Brooke must have been on autopilot this morning….

And now the MSNSpaces; interesting that they show a piece of footage taken from IE7 beta…

Encore goes this week to Ryan… i’m laughing at the guy! That has to be the smallest, most cramped space that those violinists have ever played in!

Bottom 3 time – my prediction – storm patrice zayra.

first are zayra, patrice and toby (end of show last night, it was surprising)

additions overnight – Magni, Storm (a/k/a Miss Confidence)

wow…Magni? I don’t think he’ll be in the last three.

-adbreak- 7.26 back 7.29

First person – Zayra – Like I had said, it’s more of a numbers thing; I don’t think her performance really mattered overall with her; Razor Blade (Blue October) – Leather skirt? Hmmm…when she does a song that she’s familiar with or doesn’t change, she does halfway decent. Wait…I take that back…Dave is definitely not happy (he’s said that she’s not his fave)…what the heck was with the panting at the end

Second – Patrice – changing from a ballad to Celebrity Skin (Hole) – Meh. Not bad; I think she’ll probably stick around, BUT this is the third week in a row that she’s there

-adbreak- 7.38 – I wonder when big brother’s Tuesday episode will air? There’s the all-important JCPenney Concert for Kids hosted by Phil & Mrs. McGraw. Customers go back to at&t every 11 seconds? proof, please. back 7.42

Three people, one slot – who will it be? First timer – Magni – What happened? – Creep. I definitely think that he’ll be back next week, just like Ryan. Ok, the crawling moonwalk is only a big bit strange, and then to stay sitting might not be the best thing to do, but I do say now that he’ll stick around.

Prediction for going – I’ll say Zayra

-adbreak-7.47 back 7.50

band is thinking – Zayra – favourite 4 letter word is risk with original, and also unknown; patrice – not really liked by the public; magni – great last night great today go sit down.

Sleepyhead tommy…patrice has potential, but it’s time for zayra to go…I think she’ll go far in her own right, but this band wasn’t really cut out for her

Attention! Attention! There is a special request episode coming up! Vote soon…And the Big Brother question is answered – the schedule will be shifted 1 hour back – Rockstar airs at the special time of 10e/p 9c/m

credits comments

Magni – I hate to say it, but you know there aren’t that many people in Iceland – though you do get (and deserve) support from all ’round the world (well, except for the rest of Europe – they don’t get the show there)

I’m glad that Zayra is gone; I do think that she has potential with a solo career. I would not be surprised if she doesn’t get signed by a label soon to start distributing Spanish-language music soon, that really is her element, considering how comfortable she was singing her own song then. I think if it were someone else who had done that song and was as comfortable, they would not have been in the bottom three, but as I said last night, the fact that she’s there is more or less because I think that viewers grew tired of her show.

Having the band select one person to perform one of their songs with them is a good thing – it’s not totally a pressure situation, but for sure if someone were to do good in studio then have everything go tits-up at the TV show, the band would let them know.

As far as the “Request Week” voting – I was led to believe during the show that this would be next week’s episode, but it is actually billed as voting for “an upcoming encore performance show”. There is a bit of a twist though that some of the performances might end up to not be encores – there are three encore options, along with a wildcard for each rocker – a song that they might have wanted, but did not end up getting. Note that there is also nothing indicating when the vote closes.