Rockstar – Week 8 Performances

This week sees the show airing at the later time of 9 pm due to the Concert for Kids hosted by Dr. Phil and his wife.

Why is the crowd going crazy? Because the producer told them so! Only three short weeks until the final show where the world will find out the winner of the lead singer position.

We now see the “fighting” over the original…or lack thereof

YAY! The massive rockstar bar-up again! πŸ˜‰

And everybody loves Verizon Wireless…even those of you who never heard of it πŸ™‚

Out to the band – with Gilby’s dog Chopper (labelled “SUPERNOVA – MASCOT”)

First up is the fighter for the original – Patrice – “Beautiful Thing” – Dilana says she shouldn’t be there. Her voice seems to be getting drowned out by the band; I’m glad to see that even with the guitar she’s moving around on the stage. Overall not a bad song, however, there were a few points that could have been better, I don’t really know if she has the support to keep her in the show; like Dave says, it probably would be more suited to success independently.

Adbreak 1 at 9.12; Ryan and Magni coming up; just a side thought here – I wonder how many different times she has to do the voting instructions (i.e. they don’t have Verizon Wireless in Malaysia and the other countries in SE Asia that receive the show via Star World). Another side thought – in an advert for Jericho they show a kid looking directly at one of the nuclear blasts – wouldn’t that severely hurt his eyesight and/or turn him blind immediately considering how close the cloud looked from that vantage point? Back at 9.14

Second is Magni – Smells Like Teen Spirit – What happened there? Did he lose the music there? I’m wondering if he was still under the weather. One thing about the stocking cap – it’s not the middle of winter, so it doesn’t need to be over the ears. Not bad at all. Ya gotta like advocation of guitar smashing πŸ˜‰

Next is Ryan – Back of Your Car – Note written after the show – I really like it when they take queues from the suggestions given to the others and adopt them – the guitar throw was good. I liked it; I do think that it could fit into their music.

Adbreak – 9.23///9.27

The season finale is on September 13th – looks like I was right after all πŸ˜‰

Fourth tonight is Storm – Cryin’ – Wow, that’s a great low register! I’m very impressed, I’d say that this is probably the best she’s done all year. I bet Tommy has seen those photos πŸ˜‰

Adbreak – 9.32 – Dilana and Toby coming up next. AT&T phone service works. As long as phone lines are intact. Back at 9.36

Fifth performance is Dilana doing her mum’s favouite song – Every Breath You Take – What the heck is with the lashes? Hmm…singing your name isn’t the best thing, but she makes it work. I agree with dave 10000%

Sixth – Toby – Layla – Well, something different in the performance from the antipodean, a surprise. I thought the first part may have been a twinge too dark, but it did come back at the end.

Adbreak – 9.46 – Lukas and the unknown song. Back 9.50

Lastly Lukas – All These Things That I’ve Done – Yikes! the stretched voice is back πŸ™ Is it me or did his voice fade there when he moved around; he’s also out of breath there. Dude – it’s a contraction. You don’t say the first part of “have” “I’ve” not “I have”. I wasn’t keen on the performance, though I think it was decent. Maybe I’ve been tainted after listening to this track about 8000 times since this show started…definitely time for a new playlist

Adbreak 9.55. Bottom three (and this is hard since I haven’t seen Ryan’s performance yet – I recorded it to watch in a few minutes – after seeing it I wish to make no changes) – Patrice, Toby, Magni. Back 9.57

First bottom 3 –

Results show at the usual timetomorrow 8e+p/7c+m

Next week is the request show – make sure you vote!

Now, I wonder, since there are only three weeks to go, does that mean that either this week or next week will be a double elimination? Otherwise, there will be four left at the end of the show; maybe that’s how they want it to be.