Rockstar – Week 8 Reality Episode

“Media Day at the Mansion”

I think the other rockers seem a bit resigned to thinking that Dilana will win the competition.

The media that showed up for the rockers – Fox Reality Channel (Mark Long), In Touch Weekly Magazine (Kevin Dickson), and Star 98.7 (Jamie White) (ironically, the hardest interview according to the rockers)

I have to agree with Dilana that Patrice should not be there anymore; however, her “loose lips” can and will get her into trouble. I personally think it’s quite ballsy of her to do that, but to a lot of other people, it will go down the other way.

Segment 2 –

Toby finds the song for selection this week – two originals up for grabs, one of which has the phrase “Fight for it” on the back.

So much for fighting for it – in the end it becomes a vote…

Note the massive bar up in the when Dilana ran around the pool 😉

However, her attempt at falsetto *did* sound like a dog howling 😮 (though dogs don’t usually alternate between howling and f–k ;))

Segment 3 –

Hmm…the front plate on the honda vehicle appears to be a foreign plate

Song selections revealed during the show –
Dilana – “Every Breath You Take”
Toby – “Layla”
Magni (sick at rehearsals) – “Smells like Teen Spirit”
Ryan (original) “Back of Your Car”
Storm – “Cryin'”
Patrice – Original

Segment 4 –

Note the first questions – “Dilana said…”