Rockstar – Week 8 Results

Good morning, Brooke and everyone else there.

There are no opening titles yet 3 minutes into the show; in fact, there were no opening titles at all that I remember

I still don’t like the “sing your own name” portion.

Now the last 2 days in the show. What is up with Dilana? Her ego is growing *WAY* too big; it would be good with the band, but not good during the competition. By the way, how cool was it to see all of those people called “(no name)” posting on the MSN Spaces board?

I think Dave is right – the House Band is the key to all of the singers. Here’s an idea – why not send them up without the house band one time?

Don’t forget about the MSNSpaces competition ending next week; the winner receives a trip for 2 to the finale on 13/9.

Who will sing along on the band’s track? Very lovely shots of the Honda Ridgelines again. “Be Yourself and 5 Other Clichés”. Toby has been selected for the honours this week. The track isn’t that bad at all

This happened last week – they must turn off the PAL to NTSC conversion or something to make the video seem like the framerate is off; oddly just during this segment. The real test would be if the PAL version of the show has the same issue 😉

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Now we see the segment about the media day; again, this is not gonna be good for Dilana. Something I didn’t comment, but notice how self-consiencious they all become when they spotted Jason. BUT like I had said on Monday, she has really started to become very bitchy, and not making herself very likeable. I agree with Dave (again) what in the world is she thinking by bagging just about everyone but her..well, I’d say that she didn’t bag herself, but she has. Unfortunately, I don’t think Dilana is being sincere with her apologies 🙁

The bottom 3; my prediction – Patrice, Toby, Magni

At the end of the show last night –

Overnight, added

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Only a “handful of votes made a difference”

First up – Magni – Fire (Hendrix) – I liked it; I think it should be enough to save him this week. It will take a killer performance by the others to give him the boot

Second – Patrice – Middle of the Road (Pretenders) – It seems like she’s feeling a bit too attached to that mic stand. It was OK, but I wonder if this could save her, considering that she has been in bottom 3 for what? 3 or 4 weeks now? The only way that she could stay, I think, is if the other one just completely bombs on their performance.

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Last of the three – Toby – Plush (STP) – I liked that too;

I think it should be Patrice going this week, but it could be one of the guys, OR it could be a dual-elimination again (duh…)

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Comments from the band – Patrice – happy that she got a chance to show her original, but it’s the 4th time in bottom 3; Magni – 2 in a row {he says that it sucks}, but did a killer version of Fire; toby – band thought he was good, public didn’t….hmmm, think about that over with the rest – siddown

Tommy? Patrice – freaks him out that she’s bottom 3 both time – gotta listen to the fans, it’s time to go. Props to her though for fighting her way out of elmination 3 times until tonight.

Six left for next week’s viewers’ choice, visit the site or text song to 8918 (verizon only)

7.55 First advert for Survivor that I’ve seen this year – off to the Cook Islands this series back 7.57

credits comments…make sure you watch the reality episode…toby wants to do an original, but mate it’s viewers’ choice week