Rockstar – Week 9 Performances

Viewers’ Choice week

Just 2 weeks to the grand final!

We start with the big dummy spit. Something I didn’t mention was Lukas’ comments about wanting to take what she had said back for her; to me, that’s something that he probably should have said to her (however, I don’t think that she’d take it in the right light at the time). Also, when she threw the glass, one piece just missed Magni’s eye by no more than 1 or 2 cms.

I think she’s gonna get the good attitude back now. However, what happened last week will probably hang over her head personally for some time to come. Judging from the way she answered the question, it seems like she was digging for the “right’ thing to say – “I feel like I’m gonna rock the s–t outta this place”. It might not be brought up externally, but for certain she’s going to keep it in her mind. I have a feeling that this might affect her performance in the polls. Then again, there might be a lot of people who still will like her for her talents. As someone said in the comments on Dave’s site, she is one who you either love or hate.

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Viewers’ choice week; now we see scenes from the reveal on the IE7 box. I don’t think that it’s a copy of Vista on that machine, but a different theme for XP Media Center…however, the icon for Windows Media Player didn’t look right to me. Ah well, I’m over it now 😉

A nice little “Yay, Team!” speech there from Dave 🙂

First – Lukas – Lithium – Is it me, or am I sensing the loss-of-breath phenomenon from him again? Nevertheless, he is showing a lot of energy. Hmm…pretty good; didn’t do that back to the crowd thing this time.

Second – Magni – I Alone – He could be a pollie i think with that speech :p – pretty darn good; much better than last week. However, his support in the voting is the only thing keeping him in the bottom 3. I think he deserves votes based on this performance.

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Third – Darkhorse Ryan – Clocks – Yikes…that falsetto maybe wasn’t the right thing to start with. Wasn’t it a guitar to break…not a grand piano? 😉 A weak start, a great middle, but I think that the slithering onto the piano on the end, while cool-looking, might have been a bit too much…

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Fourth – Storm – Bring Me to Life – It’s not a good thing when your competition outpowers you when doing backing vocals. I think Dave’s right – Toby did take some of the spotlight on that. I thought it was a bit too dark at the beginning, but she did find the energy when she got to the chorus.

Fifth – Toby – Rebel Yell – I’m impressed. I’d say that this was his best performance of the year. The only thing I”m curious about is that shirt with “Richland (trophy logo) Memphis, TN”. Like Magni, I wonder if he has the support to stay out of the bottom 3 this week.

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Sixth – Dilana – Mother Mother – I sense a broken guitar coming…aw darn…she put it down nicely…sorry, what dummy-spit? Wow 🙂

It’s time to vote peeps! My bottom 3 prediciton is Storm Ryan and Magni. I will not be surprised if Dilana is in bottom 3 due to the dummy spit, but hey, I think she deserves to win still 😉

Toby will not be surprising either (due to flagging support)

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First bottom 3 –


I say this now, if Lukas is in the final bottom 3 – he’ll be the first one sent back to the big group.