Rockstar – Week 9 Reality Episode

Well, now that I’ve been spoiled about this episode, I may as well watch it πŸ˜‰

We start off with the recap from the week. Dave has said that he was convinced that Dilana was sincere, but I still don’t think she was fully truthful on her apologies.

Apparently since we had no titles Wednesday, there needs to be full titles today…

Dilana – you are the one who caused the tension. However, I know how she feels about the not wanting to say anything after what had happened.

As much as I can understand her getting down over what had happened, the whole glass thing was totally uncalled for. As Lukas said, if she can’t handle criticism over what she had said for the media, then how is she going to handle doing press junkets and all the other responsibilities. Interestingly, Dave had said on his site that how she had handled the criticism during the taping was admirable. He also mentioned that it was just a clinic and that the real emphasis was on the talent.

She has massive talent, but if she expects to be able to hole up after some criticism and a bit of negative reaction to what she had said (which, for some reason, she thought that maybe she should have been the “media type” i.e. saying nothing with a lot of words during the press clinic), that’s just something you can’t do while on the road. I can understand her feelings about holing up – I’ve had the luxury of being able to do that in the past, but it’s something that I’m making great efforts to stop doing.

If she wants to be the leader of this band as bad as she wants it, one thing that I would definitely suggest for her to do is drop the attitude and stop bagging her fellow competitors; it gets you nowhere in the long run.


Segment 2 – A photoshoot

Putting Dilana aside for a few minutes, we see Storm being an absolutely comfortable for the photos. Definitely a segment where you want to say “Again! Again!” in the style of the baby from The Dinosaurs. πŸ˜‰

“I’m a singer. I’m not Harrison Ford for Christ’s sake.” The line of the episode methinks.

Gigundus? Is that even a word? Ah well, it’s ok πŸ˜‰

Is that TV running a beta version of Windows Vista? I know that the IE that was shown was version 7, but the other parts looked too dark to be even WinXP Media Center.

Song “selection” – viewers’ choice week

Lukas – Lithium (wc)
Toby – Rebel Yell (wc)
Magni – I alone (wc)
Storm – Bring Me to Life (wc)
Ryan – Clocks (wc, 39% over Losing My Religion on 38%)
Dilana – Mother Mother (wc)

I find it interesting that all the songs selected were the wild card choices.

Other comments – Dilana’s talent has never been in question. It’s the attitude that she’s been getting over the last couple of weeks that are getting her into trouble. I still like her for her talent, but as much as I can understand the mood swings, it’s something that really can’t happen, as the band probably won’t want to have to deal with if she does become the winner.