Rockstar – Week 9 Results

Good morning Los Angeles!

All-time high voting, more than doubled the vote from last week, and the highest ever in the program’s history.

Everybody loves a rock performance at 8.45 am 😉

Let’s recap the events from Sunday to this morning, shall we?

Interesting that Storm thinks that she’ll be the one leaving…

this week the song is “it’s on” I guess it’s time to have the slow framerate time again…Lukas is chosen to perform on it. I normally don’t comment on these “reward” performances, but there is a hint of his voice being stretched again there…

coming up the encore and then bottom 3

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encore? i think it’ll be toby…but first we have to announce the winner of the MSN Spaces comp…the winner is r. carlos seattle, wa 2 tix to the grand final 13/9

and it is toby

time for the bottom 3… my prediction storm ryan magni

first up –
Lukas (big gasp. do these people watch the show?)
added overnight
Dilana (no reaction at all to her announcement…..strange; you’d think that she’d get a bigger reaction than lukas)

We find out after the break who it is.

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Brooke points out that Magni had the most votes. In theory, this could be true, but it could be that he just missed being in 4th at any point overnight. Since the show doesn’t release exact voting numbers, we really will never know.

First in bottom 3 – Ryan – Baba O’Reilley – Champagne is supposed to be for celebrating a victory I thought; but what the hey, let’s drink it at 9.30 am or whenever it was by time they got this far! This is just bizarre to me.

Second – Storm – her favouriteist beatles song Helter Skelter – I’ll say that it’s better than last night; there is something about the presence she brings to today’s show that is a definite plus in her column. Also, it helps that the song is more for her vocal range than last night

Who will it be?

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Lastly – not Toby – Dilana. now the crowd reacts. – Psycho Killer – What the? Did she stick her name in there again?!? It certainly sounded like that. Hmm….

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My thoughts are that they’re going to send dilana back, but the dummyspit is the clear reason why she’s there. It’s really between Ryan and Storm; Tonight Ryan was a bit too bizarre for my taste, and he’s the only one who’s been in the bottom 3 before. It’s tough, almost a cointoss. I think it’s going to be Ryan, but really it’s a crapshoot as to who goes between all 3.

back at 7.51

Band’s thoughts. Ryan – been a massive adventure, definitely changed from the start of the show; great tonight, but is he right for the band? Storm – first time – some great performances, really solid, but not much change during the show. Dilana- shocking even for the band; seemed a bit lost in the performance; earned a lot of cred with the band.

tommy – three really good performers. it’s about what’s best for the band. Ryan’s come the farthest, but it’s time to go. The crowd doesn’t like it; nobody liked it

Hey, verizon are bringng back an eliminated rocker to perform on finals night. Sorry non-verizon subscribers, you can’t vote 🙁

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credits – storm – ready to sing again last few wednesdays; Dilana is right that she’s let her fans down; it’ll be interesting to see if she’s in the bottom again next week.

I wonder if there will be people who think that this was kind of the last straw for their viewing. However, this is the point of the show where the people who have a lot of support will be the ones going. I think that the main reason that Ryan was the one going this week was that he’s been in the bottom 3 previously. Ironically at the beginning of the show, I had said out loud that it should be Storm who should go, but Ryan’s performance, like I had said, was just way too bizarre to me.

If I had to give predictions for how the show will pan out over the last 2 weeks, I’ll say that it will be Storm or Toby going next week, and that the final will be down to either Dilana or Lukas.