Rugby Union – Tri Nations

I have been following rugby (union, not so much league) off-and-on since I got what was then known as Fox Sports World. Admittedly, I still miss the days of the Rugby Club with Matt Brown and their set (since taken over by a soccer call-in show) where they’d explain the laws of the game during the half-time of the various matches they’d show (Tri-Nations, Currie Cup).

Well, I now have a new method of watching the rugby since Fox have decided to spend all their money on soccer (and in particular partial rights to the MLS, at the expense of both the French and German leagues, along with some of the matches from England).

This year, the Tri Nations has expanded to a nine-game series. Not that it changes anything. New Zealand have wrapped the whole thing up before any team has had the chance to play at altitude in South Africa – then again, I do doubt that the result would have been any different even if this had happened.

What I do find interesting though is that during the presentation (or as the guy hosting it said it the “prisentation of the Blidisloe cup” ;)), the All Blacks players seemed to know the “right” thing to do with the blue Philips signs – put them in front of the team before soaking everything within a 5m radius with champagne.

Going back to the Fox Soccer Channel and the various Fox networks, it’s interesting to note that while the number of English matches shown live are down, there are actually more matches shown on TV here than there were in the past. However, I do still miss watching the other sports, but it was quite clear when they changed thier name to “Fox Soccer Channel” that the management weren’t as interested in “fan favorites” than the ol’ bottom line.