Broadcasting Rights

I like listening and/or watching sport from around the world such as the games on Telemundo mentioned below, and also the fact that as I’m writing this I’m watching the highlights from Matchday 2 of the UEFA Champions League on ESPN. I think that this is the only purely non-US sport that they cover at all. They have covered sports that are predominantly non-US, but most of the time (as they’ve done with their World Series of Darts, they think that the only way to make it interesting is to make it a “US vs. World” kind of deal. One of the more interesting aspects about ESPN is that internationally, they carry some cricket, but don’t care to show any of it to us here.

One of the sports that they used to carry is Aussie Rules Football. Tonight (Saturday afternoon there) is the Grand Final; and there is one thing that I was looking forward to with it – the Festival of the Boot, or the broadcast of the game by comedians Roy and HG. However, I went to their site and found this message –

We regret that due to restrictions in internet streaming rights, we are unable to present This Sporting Life’s ‘Festival of the Boot’ as a webcast. Our apologies to all lovers of the boot.

There’s the outside chance that it could be available as a podcast, but it looks like I’ll have to listen to a normal broadcast, which won’t be too bad anyway; at least it’s available 😉

As an aside, why don’t Ten cover it in HD? I’d guess that they probably don’t have enough HD cameras. From what I’ve read, however, it sounds like they’re going all-out for the coverage, including a camera on the world’s tallest apartment building. Also, with only three hours before their pregame coverage starts, it’s nice to see at least one other sporting event with a similar level of pregame buildup (4 hours sorry, 6+ hours; I redid the math on that one ;)) as the Superbowl.

Lastly, my picks for the championships, based on nothing really other than the irony.

AFL – Sydney
NRL – Melbourne