How many graphics are too many?

That’s the question that some viewers of the Spanish-language network Telemundo should be asking. I happened to tune into their retransmission of the Bundesliga fixture between Werder Bremen and Stuttgart this afternoon and was surprised at the abundance of graphics on the screen.

There’s really no need for the large graphic on the left-hand side when you consider that the graphic that says “SABADO DE FUTBOL” covers the graphic that tells you the same information (including the score). In fact, I just sent them an email suggesting that maybe they could just show the origial graphics. I gotta say, this is one of those good times when it helps to know a bit of Spanish. 😉

And for a little contrast with the graphics, check out this video taken from GolTV – note that their logo is in the same place as the Telemundo logo is, yet they maintain the original graphics of the host broadcaster.