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I had a chance to see the Steve Irwin memorial service from earlier today. Just a couple of observations on it – first, it’s interesting that someone remembered to bring a hat for the PM, yet most of the crowd didn’t remember to bring one. Second, how many Aussies had ever heard of Kelly Ripa before today? (In all fairness, how many non-Aussies, myself included, had ever heard of John Williamson before?) Last, it was (to me at least) a definite made-for-TV event. I don’t think that it was that bad of an idea to do it that way at all; considering that it was the medium that made him a household name throughout most of the world.

I got a boxful of DVDs the other day (about 40 or so, at the cost of $0); it’s an interesting mix of various genres – from Short Circuit to XXX and even American Pie Presents Band Camp. One day soon I’ll watch some of them.

And lastly 2 snippets –

1. Knifey has a new piece up on his blog
2. For some reason, Yahoo doesn’t let viewers in the US view certain videos from 7; fortunately the one about the new yacht Gotta Love It Seven is permitted for airing here…

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts…

  1. It was truly a lovely goodbye to Steve Irwin. I saw it at work, which was not so friendly, because how can you quietly get emotional when you have to keep it together for the customers, let alone you don’t want to emote in front of the evil staff. So when it got to be too much I just walked away for a couple of minutes. But for the most part it was absolutely beautiful. Yes, it was made for TV, but it would have been exactly what Steve himself would have preferred, rather than a stuffy state funeral. I see now why they chose not to do that. Brockie’s was completely different mainly because of the location and the expectation when you’re in some big churchy type thing. Still, I was working both days and have not had time to process any of it on a personal level.

    Short Circuit was one of my favourite movies.. watch it! 😉 What else was in there, list them all.. 🙂

  2. So far, I’ve only seen clips of the Brock service; at the rate it’s going right now, it’ll be sometime next week before I can see the whole thing.

    It’s been a while since I’ve seen Short Circuit (and even then it wasn’t the whole thing), so yeah, that’s on the plate; also, I’ll get the full list posted soonish 😉

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