Rockstar – Grand Final

Before getting into the show, a note about viewership from a story in the Melbourne Age

RockStar has been a hit here and overseas, with last week’s episode the most watched “general entertainment” program in Australian subscription television history.

Before the hour the band will take stage with the lead singer. And, for those interested, this is being broadcast at the same time in almost every place – the only exceptions are the Mountain and Pacific timezones here and in Canada, along with New Zealand, and I think South America. FYI, the finale is only one hour, despite two hours being reserved by some channels overseas

Brooke holds the names of the lowest vote-getters, who will perform first off, losing one.

The voting volume broke records in NA, IS, and AU.

At some point bottom 2

all but dilana stand…

first of the bottom – magni – fire – at this point it’s all great performances; I think that he’s probably going to be the one dropped.

side note – magni and toby have their home flags

and the second to sing is toby – White wedding – Yeah; it’s all good

After the break we have the drop.

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Comments from the guys – this is a hard one; we’ve watched these 4 grow as performers, but once again, we still have a job to do here; magni – man it’s been a great ride, but a question has been that he’s a talent, but you’re not really “fronting” the band, with that he earns 4th place in the competition.

Now we see some footage of the last three and their thoughts going into the final. Lukas is first; he says that the guys are very down-to-earth. Next up is Dilana saying in the package that they need her; and repeats her statement on-stage. And Toby – he’s got a heck of a chance; respect for the band for giving all the advice; he also points out his height…

Up next, the unsurprising decision that they’re going to sing one last time.

Adbreak @ 7:21 Remind me to cut the commercial where they use Lukas to advertise Survivor! Back @ 7:25

Lukas – Bittersweet Symphony – Yeah; howeverJason was shaking his head

Dilana – Zombie – A note to the person with the Dilana sign – you were holding it upside down….Again, this is a performance that is a reminder of you before you spat the dummy. Really, it’s the kind of performance to win people over; the perfect thing to have for the grand final!

Toby – Somebody Told Me – A lesson in taking an already energized crowd and getting it going even more.

Big ups for the house band!

Adbreadk @ 7:32

Hmm…who do i think will win? It’s a crapshoot; They’ve all got heaps of talent, however it’s the showmanship and attitude that I think will be the clincher. Dilana has an unpredictable attitude, however it is in a band with TLee so it might not be an issue; Lukas has a very infectious attitude that sucks you in; Toby has a lot of stage energy. All three deserve to be the lead singer, but I think it’ll be Dilana. Though I think it should be either of the guys.

Back @ 7:37

Jason – toby always consistent, able to surpass the guitar, but it’s not enough to head this band. For that, you’ve earned 3rd place; his comments are that they’ve taken the safest choice as Dilana and Lukas are already great and that it took him a while to become great.

Now, it’s down to the two favourites from the first episode back in July…Dilana and Lukas.

Ready for the goth wedding, says Dave. Duh, Brooke – that’s why Lukas didn’t sing twice.

Now for the decision – Gilby. It’s been tough, so they need some more time (and we need a commercial break)

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Simple as this – I think it’s going to be Dilana, but it should be Lukas. However, I’m not going to be mad if they choose Dilana, as she has proven herself as a talent throughout the whole series, it was only her attitude after the press clinic that lost my support, but I think that her performances last night really brought a lot of people back to liking her. I have to say that tonight’s performance was again a reminder of what she had going for her.

Back @ 7:44

And now it’s time to choose the winner!

Tommy? Lukas – everything about you has been really amazing; dilana, yeah; you are enchanting, your voice is unbelievable; who doesn’t love both of them? As any good band would do, they’d listen to their fans and this person that I’m talking about had the highest number of votes. Lukas, you’re our guy. (Hey, it’s a good thing that I took that comment out about it being obvious that Dilana had the most votes πŸ˜‰ )

For second place, Dilana earns the services of both Dave and Gilby and promises to have a CD out with them on it, which, as she says will kick some serious arse; plus she gets an invite to go on tour this winter.

Buy tix before midnight tonight and get a chance to go on tour with the bands.

There’s gonna be another series next year apparently as there will be auditons held

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Don’t forget about the website; TBA was replaced with Albany NY by the way.

And that brings a close to this series of Rockstar. Time will tell and I think that this will turn out to be a good choice; I would hope that they could add some of his original work to their repertoire as that is some awesome music.

Of course, the boards discussing this shall be going both ways…honestly, I think they’ll become forgotten in a couple of months; maybe they’ll get some press when the CD comes out, but it’s up to them now to become successful…