Rockstar – Week 10 Performances

Pre-show thoughts – I wonder if they’ll show the last names of Magni and Dilana with their songs. A new show on CBS is a near-clone of the NBC show Treasure Hunters (major sponsor Genworth Financial, a subsidiary of GE like NBC). BB – Julie, why are you reading your card? Don’t you know what to say?

Ryan’s original is the #1 download (for 99c) on MSN.

Recap of the reality show: Just as a question, who in the world puts computing terms into a rock song?

First – Dilana with a ripped calf – Behind Blue Eyes – Wow; excellent performance, and it’s amazing that she didn’t fall off of the stool


Supersoul – Not a bad song. It’s listenable. Thank you for not singing your name this week. Props to perform with the injury, especially jumping around.

Adbreak @ 8.12 back @ 8.14

Before we go on, let’s remind folks that the NYE show is sold out, but there’s one on 1/1/07. And the House Band will open, featuring the other rockers.

Second – Magni – Back in the USSR – Pretty good, but the part where he was next to the guitarist seemed a bit uncomfortable.

When the Time Comes (freshly translated to English) – ok, can we put the micstand down sometime soon? I’m liking this better than Dilana’s; also, the energy is great, probably best all year. Great comeback to Tommy, but I think they have a point that there was a “sameness” to the two performances.

Adbreak @ 8.21 (darn it, ESPN2 is showing the DCI Drum Corps competition at the same time πŸ™ ) Back @ 8.25

Storm – Dave comes up to join in – Suffragette City – What a contrast to the pool scene…it seems to me that dave is working the crowd a bit more than she is. Whoa, that was different. That trenchcoat is coming off ! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

(What the f— [what] is) Ladylike – Whoa. That wasn’t different, I think that was amazing. With work like that, I kinda hope she doesn’t go through to win.

Adbreak @ 8.32 back @ 8.36

Lukas – Livin’ on a Prayer, Acoustic – Hmm…he took a risk with this one, I think it might have paid off, but I just don’t know….

Headspin – Much better perfromance in this half, it’s a great song. yeah dave, it’s cellphones now, this generation doesn’t understand the meaning of “flick your bic” πŸ™‚

Adbreak @ 8.43 back @ 8.47 – this year’s ads for nfl ticket are ok, but I still like the ads where the quarterbacks show up and tell the potential subscriber about sunday ticket

Toby – ARGH! it’s ozzie, not ah-see! – Mr Brightside – Is it me or is Storm more omnipresent this week than even brooke? Funky cut there, but it’s ok for time constraints. Great performance.

Throw it Away – Note for Tommy, you’ll never make it as a pickpocket. Yeah, I’m liking that also

Hmm…bottom 3…this is purely on support…Storm Dilana Magni…The only one I’ll be surprised if he’s there at the end of voting is Lukas

adbreak 8.55 back @ 8.58 bugger i think the servers are down now…and they are πŸ™

Current running order –
1st – toby
2nd – lukas
3rd – magni
4th – storm
5th – dilana

a note on the server, if I refresh the popup, it works fine πŸ™‚

And, no. They didn’t show last names.