Rockstar – Week 10 Reality Show

Oh for crying out loud Dilana, stop beating yourself up. Everyone has a bad day sometimes. You’ve done 11 stellar performances over the first 9-½ weeks of the show.

Line of the show – Storm, after jumping into the pool naked: “I’m so dirty!” 🙂

Oi toby, you hear of paper, mate? You really don’t have to write on your hand, but if it suits ya…evs

Oh jeez, not only are they showing the brand name, now they’ve got people saying “H***a R*******e” and “H****s”

Maniac Mag-Lite? Interesting name

Lukas says that the track is right up his alley, but only had one verse done plus the chorus. Gil says that it’s his competition to lose

How could Dilana have not known that songwriting wouldn’t be part of it? And the fact that the song is about what had happened over the last 2 days with the voting says that she is still NOT over what had happened.

Interestingly, not only are the rockers doing the two songs, it’s going to be a set and they will control the part between songs. It should be interesting

Storm’s original – “What the F— is Ladylike?”

Dilana and Behind Blue Eyes – Um, The Who as country? Again, if you keep harping on about the mistakes, you’re not gonna win the fans back. I’m not gonna say anything else about the stuff you did. It’s time to move on

Prior to the credits in segment 4, clips of the originals are heard.

2 thoughts on “Rockstar – Week 10 Reality Show

  1. Snos here mate – still no blogger beta. t-2hours and 15 mins to the performance show. Can’t wait for headspin. I’m gonna turn up the stereo real loud 😉

    Did Storm do the craxy eyes and wide leg stuff? If so, I’m not sure I’ll like this ladylike, but we’ll see.. 😉

  2. I didn’t mention it but she does grab her thigh at the end of the first part (I really didn’t like that too much strangely enough). No real wide-leg stuff, nor wide eyes.

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