Rockstar – Week 10 Redux

I’m listening back to the performances from Sunday afternoon and broadcast last night.

The songs I’d never heard of – Behind Blue Eyes (though I may have heard it at one time or another in the past) and Suffragette City (I thought they were saying Suffer Jet City before the credit came up)

First off – I’m over Dilana; the dredging up the whole bottom 3/not doing well/dummy spit has lost me. In her original there’s a line that says she wants to go to her detractors and say “thank you”. I wonder if the real lyric is “f— you”? I think it’d make more sense that way.

Magni – I can’t think of anything to add. 🙂

The music in the outcue seems quieter than the incue from commercial.

Storm – I’m not a fan of these monosyllabic nonsense words like doo doo doo, and following it with a yeah doesn’t help. Makes it too cliché and uninspiring. also, the what the what the what the what the…yeesh. I was probably too distracted watching the show to notice or i’m just too influencable. However, I probably would like it better if we didn’t have such stern broadcasting regulations. The uncensored version of the song is available on her Myspace; it’s better than the live version – though the repetition part is still there – What the f… is what the f… is (etc.).

I’ll have more later on this when I can listen without interruption 🙂

It’s later 🙂

Lukas – On the second listen, I like the whole show; it’s probably just me but I just have a hard time looking at him, the smile he had (at right) during the Bon Jovi made me chuckle. If you wish to hear the original version of this, you can do it on MySpace

Toby – I didn’t note this, but the audience participation at first was very anemic, but he picked up their slack…About the only negative thing I’d say is that he should have mentioned the title of his original, for the benefit of the live studio audience. (You notice how they never mention that shows are filmed (or taped) in front of a live studio audience anymore?)