Rockstar – Week 11 Performances

Not many comments tonight; not that there was much to comment on anyways; it was all good 🙂

It’s the final performance show of the series; scheduled is one original (possibly a reprisal of their performances from last week, hopefully not)

Before we get to the night’s proceedings, we have an important announcement. The winner of the Verizon Wireless vote for an encore is Ryan. (Just a note to the graphics people – it’s hard to say that someone’s a fan favourite if a lot of viewers can’t vote for it!)

In addition to coming back to perform again, he gets a vehicle from everyone’s favorite car company that sponsors the show, plus a phone from said phone company [44% owned by Vodafone]

And now we have a recap of the path to the final four.

tonight’s plan – a cover and a reprise.
tomorrow – the bottom two perform and one is eliminated; in the second hour, all three perform and the winner is selected by 9 pm wednesday

adbreak – 8:10; from tomorrow turn your pop culture knowledge into $2.2 million dollars; back @ 8:13

First up – Toby – Karma Police – Not bad; I’m not familiar with the song, I think Gil’s comments were right that he did seem a bit lost there (the lyrics seemed to be a little muddled to me)

reprise – Proof that he doesn’t need to go crowd surfing to be great

Adbreak – 8:20 back @ 8:24

Lukas – Fix You – onya dave for remembering that it’s cellphones that get flicked instead of bics 😉

reprise – the “a man and his guitar” version. you know what? Dave’s right – this is all about sitting back and watching a great rock show.

Apparently Paula Abdul had nothing to do Sunday afternoon 🙂

Adbreak @ 8:31 @8:35

Dilana – Roxanne – Nice ironic effect of the Red light; it’s just too bad that you have to keep dragging that crap up, otherwise I’d still like you.

Reprise – I admit it; I didn’t pay attention. The performance sounded much calmer than last time though.

Adbreak @ 8:42 Back @ 8:47

Magni – Hush – Yeah; that’s why you’re here tonight.

Reprise; Ok, so he forgot the English name…c’est la vie 🙂 Like Tommy, I really didn’t remember much of this one; I’d still like to hear it in Icelandic

adbreak @ 8:55

I think voting will look like this –

1 – toby
2 – lukas
3 – magni
4 – dilana

though I think I could be wrong with the middle section.

back @ 8:58

Aww…TBA is gone 🙁

early results


hm…it’s not what i had expected; though really all I did was put dilana on the bottom of the list while the votes put her at the top…

Of course, Right now is a varying time around the world 😉