Rockstar – Week 11 Reality Show

It’s the final week, and the final Reality Episode. It appears that this is going to be a fun buffer-fest as the video played 17 seconds and is buffering for some time now. I’m guessing that MSN’s servers might be a bit overloaded due to it being the 5th anniversary of 9|11 (I might have more on that in a bit).

First off, direct links to the show –

Sgement One
Segment Two
Segment Three
Segment Four

Segment one –

Well, in the parts that had moving video, we saw the rockers at dinner and discussing the fact that it’s almost the end. Please notice the introduction of a second Aussie character for this week, even if it is in relation with the, ahem, gifting of a vehicle (i hope they told Toby about having to pay tax on the thing!).

Another interesting observation – the speedometer’s km/h scale is so small, it’s almost invisible.

And, in another amazing coincidence, we have some more self promotion for an upcoming album in January 2007

Some nice Job Shadowing person has placed the rockers’ photos on the memento wall in the song selection room.

Segment two –

Let’s see if this segment is a bit better on the streaming for this segment. And it was for the last three segments

Song selection is another original (or is it an encore of last week?), plus a choice of every single song done on the show, plus four songs that haven’t been done yet. Despite the sheer number of songs, Dilana and Lukas end up fighting over one anyways; she wins but then chooses another song. Jeez! It’s no wonder why you don’t have any fans anymore.

The kicker? She’s rearranging it like Chris did and the house band ain’t happy!

Segment three –

The rockers pack and head out. What a cool shot of them standing at the end of the pool leaning on their guitars.

So, who’s gonna win? Rumours are out there that Lukas has been selected already, but it’s anyone’s game at this point. Be sure to tune in whenever it is that the show airs (8AM, 8PM, 8:30PM, 9PM, 10:30PM, Late night) on whatever station it’s on 😉