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I’ve shown photos taken with the new camera, but I haven’t really shown off photos taken with my trusty Minolta Dimage Z1. Well, with over 11,500 photos over 2+ years to choose from, I decided to show off some from the last week 😉

First off is this car, apparently either a 57 or 58 Chevy, which was parked alongside the road, apparently after being in a parade…

Then we have the results of having placed a sign with a direct Southern exposure without having the proper reflective material –
Last, but certainly not least, was this fella, standing at the side of the road. He didn’t seem to come from anywhere, nor did he seem to know where he was going. And no, I really don’t know why he’s got a camel with him 😉

Other interesting things –

“Deal or No Deal” is coming to the Telemundo Network, partly owned by NBC. Of course, since it’s in Spanish, they had to “translate” the title, so it’s called “Vas o no Vas” or will you or won’t you go, with the you in this context being informal.

ESPN on ABC started this weekend, and it’s just that – ESPN on ABC. The graphics all say ESPN. The only way you know it’s ABC is that they have a solid logo at the bottom right of the screen.

Dollar stores aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. Despite claiming to have “1,000s of Household items for $1.00”, none of the items purchased actually were a dollar. Of course, that’s one dollar, before tax.

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