Speaking of books

I might as well make this a new post 😉

Speaking of books, I’m not reading anything right now, having finished The Street Lawyer in only a couple of days, after taking a couple of weeks to go through A Time to Kill

So right now I’m not sure what book to read next. I don’t mind the Grisham books, but I’d like to read something else. I’d been suggested to read Stephen King, so I wisely got ahold of a copy of Pet Sematary – then I read the introduction and i’m kinda creeped out about it already…

Any ideas of what I should read next? (And I can hear the fingers tapping on the p and r keys already. That’s an out-standing suggestion, and I probably should take it under advisement.)

One thought on “Speaking of books

  1. Pet Semetary is probably the creepiest of Stephen King’s books, but it is certainly one of his best. I’m not sure which of his I would recommend starting off with actually. Firestarter is great, but so is The Dead Zone, The Stand, Misery and his new one The Cell would probably be my five most read. I do have pet sematary here but I haven’t read it in ages, maybe it’s time to pick it up again..

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