Telemundo update

Some of you might recall my complaint about Telemundo’s coverage of German soccer a few days ago. Well, this week their Sábado de Fútbol program moved north a bit into Holland for coverage of the Sponsorloterij Eredivisie. Unfortunately, my letter to them mustn’t have made it or else it is sitting in a very long queue of emails, as their coverage actually managed to decline in quality.

Take a look at the two pictures above. The first one is how the program was broadcast here – standard NTSC 640×480, 30 frames per second; converted from PAL. The second is how I think it was supposed to be broadcasted – 16:9 widescreen. Of course, we can’t see the proper graphics under the now-larger Sábado de fútbol logo, but I’d guess it’s in the right place to fit into a cropped 4:3 image – as is done for all other sports that have to broadcast in both widescreen and 4:3.

If you’re wondering why I think it’s supposed to be in widescreen, take a look at the ball – in the 4:3 version it’s got a shape closer to that of a rugby or aussie rules football than a standard globe, which is what it looks like in the 16:9 version. I’d be interested in what anyone who happens to see this thinks 🙂