Sometimes, it seems that you can’t win. Especially, it seems, when it comes to internet-based listener loyalty contests. One of the local radio stations has a contest where you listen to their broadcast at one of four times per day, and they give a code that you get 100 or 1000 points for. You can trade these points in for things.

In the past, it was a case of they’d open it whenever they felt like it and you never knew when things would come up.

Now, they have it so that they tell you that (in this particular instance) “This item will be available on October 19 at 10:00 am”.

So, it’s 10:00:00 AM on the 19th of October, and the item is available. I click Select the item (hell, i had turned images off so that i could see the redemption link right on the first load without scrolling). I confirm the item and get this message:

“SORRY: The item you have selected is no longer available”

Fuck! So, being not quite totally together sometimes, and thinking that trying again and again will change things, I repeat the process about 10 times, with the same result until it comes with the message – “SORRY! The maximum for this item has been reached” and the item is then listed as “Not available”

I know it’s the internet and there are variables, but it doesn’t make any fucking sense that an item that’s available at 10:00:00 can be gone by 10:00:03.

If I had to think of something, I’d say that they were screwing people like me because, in my area, there are two different cable providers. Unfortunately, I am subscribed to the one that is the minority carrier – the one that serves the (in essence) far outer suburbs, and receives absoultely no coverage. However, I think that the other cable company (who offers much more services than the one we have) pays off the radio stations, tv station, and newspaper to advertise their product so that they have an advantage. Of course, the advantage doesn’t make much sense as these companies don’t really compete as us customers don’t have a choice as to our cable company (aside from switching to satellite), as our local government chooses the cable company for us.

Though the thing is I did try to get it, and that’s really all I can do 🙂