Australia Revealed

I just got done watching Discovery AtlasAustralia Revealed (Discovery Asia site)

Narrated by Russell Crowe, the program features stories of various Aussies told by the actual people, with the story of a linking of two Aboriginal tribes (one in the Northern deserts, and another in the rainforests of Far North Queensland) being the common thread among all of the stories. It also featured things that shows about Aussie culture usually have – footy and the opal mines of Coober Pedy.

One line, which I should have taken note of when it was said, involved the feeling that there is a mystique about terra australis that, once you catch onto it, you fall hard. I have to admit that I’ve fallen for the mystique.

There really isn’t much way to say what it is that gets you hooked – for some it’s the fact that the land is so isolated yet integrated; for others it’s the chance to get yourself a new start in a new land that is still young enough to not have had the problems that others have. Yet others are attracted by the great surfing that there is off the coasts.

For those who haven’t seen it, the program reairs in a little over an hour at 9 pm Pacific, and you can consult your local guide to see when it airs in your specific area if you’re not here in the States (but if I’m remembering correctly, the Discovery Atlas series is airing on a two-week delay in Australia at least).

Oh by the way, they do mention some of the “giant objects” around the country 😉