Let us go to a time…

…when Tom Cruise was still sane! Specifically, 1986, when movie goers were treated to some great sounds coming from the speakers, one which probably sold many home theatre systems when this movie came out on videotape, and later on DVD. So which movie am I speaking of? Top Gun.

Like Ferris Bueller, I don’t think that this movie could be made today; not so much because the story is bad, but because I do not think that the Department of Defense would be as willing to give such technical support to movie-makers. The story might have been a little unusual, but you find me someone who hasn’t had a crush on a teacher (for me it was my fourth-grade teacher Mrs. M… who had the most darling southern accent, but wasn’t too appreciative when I asked a doctor about how long the typical labor lasts while she was very pregnant but I digress).

Interestingly, I had a different experience in watching this movie, as it was 1) broadcast on TV so that meant commercial breaks and language being taken out (that was noticeable only once or twice though) and 2) I had my mom watching it with me and (I’m thinking that this is a common trait) she always has to comment on things, though from time to time she makes an interesting insight. Two comments that she made that are interesting are that 1) This probably was the movie that “made” Meg Ryan, and 2) it was unfortunate that everyone seemed to be shorter than Tom – something most noticeable in the scene at the end of the movie on the carrier deck.

One thing that I was glad of was that I decided to play it on the computer as I have a sound system with a subwoofer on it, and having the bass really helped out the cause. I don’t think it would have sounded right only on the TV, plus by playing it on the computer, I couldn’t be distracted by other things on the system (though I did allow myself to do things during the adbreaks, one of which came right at the climax of the movie when they were in the final dogfight with the MiGs–and I think it was the longest adbreak of the show).

For some reason, I had thought that the scene in which Maverick’s plane goes down was a dream, only to have it turn out to be real when we see him in the infirmary totally distraught. Also, I could have sworn that when they were lifting Goose into the helicopter, he had moved, though I could be wrong about that. 🙂

This is, I think, a movie that I had seen before, but I didn’t remember one thing about it though the scene in the beginning where Mav is told about his wingman’s leaving the service. Another thing that was familiar to me was Tom’s laugh – one which is somewhat infamous for being so outrageously fake, and is played from time to time (as a long laugh) by a local radio station.

I can’t think of much more to say about this film other than that it was good, and if we didn’t have the FCC thinking that they can control cable TV and broadcasters who think that they have to clean things up for airing (i.e. taking the word shit out of movies), it’d be a more appreciable experience, but there is always the original movie version out there; one without ad breaks!