I don’t talk about politics that much, mainly because I’m sick of it, and because I have my way of thinking, and that’s my business for the most part. I tend to lean to the right of centre, but I can see the point that others can make.

However, today a couple of things happened – first was a letter for a candidate for the local Sheriff arrived; I didn’t open it, but I’m sure it’s either a) a reminder to vote for the candidate or b) asking for money. Interestingly, the candidate in question came to our house to deliver a yard sign for us to put up (yes, we did ask for one).

The other thing that happened is that someone called from the party that I had actually volunteered to help out with a get-out-the-vote effort two years ago. When asked about if I’d be interested, I actually said (and considering how vocal I was about it two years ago) that I wasn’t terribly interested in it this time around. As it is, the candidates that they were barracking for probably are going to win my particular county, so I kinda fail to see the point 😉