Some random thoughts

Well, another day went by without a post. For me, blogging doesn’t come as easily as it does for others, but I am making an effort to write more often than I have been writing. I know that I had mentioned the plethora of photos that I have on my computer, and I really should take some time to go through them again and get some choice shots to post.

However, I am a very lazy person – or so it would seem. I always get started on one thing, but end up doing about a hundred other things and never finishing the original task that I had set out to do in the first place. This post is a great example of that. I had started to write it before I went to bed, but I got really tired and decided to go to sleep.

So, anyway, I had some random thoughts; first off, while at the local home store, there was a woman who was walking through the Christmas display (the first aisle with the outdoor figurines; they also have some aisles with indoor displays and a full range of artifical, pre-decorated trees) and said out loud to her (I would assume) husband “This is all their Christmas CRAP.” — and that was the way she said it, even going so far as popping the P in crap. I would have liked to go up to her and say, “Yeah, it’s their christmas section; it’s a big money-maker for them. If you’re looking for something else, why not ask one of their employees?” Another sign of the times is that the Danish Butter Cookies are out for sale again; sure you can get them any time of the year provided you know where to look, but it’s only at Christmastime when they’re omnipresent.

Next; while watching TV last night, there was an ad for a racing collectible auction site, and the person who was pictured as participating in their auctions appeared to be wearing a replica shirt from the Toll/HSV Dealer Team (it was a black shirt and I swear that there was a Holden logo on the right side of the shirt). I went to said website and didn’t (shockingly) find any Holden memorabilia for sale there.

Lastly, in the time since I mentioned Firefox’s new search behavior, there have been some new threads about the problem on the Mozillazine forums.

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