Time Change

Well, this is the weekend where people in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere have a 25-hour day to offset the 23-hour day that was had in the Spring. For some reason, there’s always this awareness of the “new” time in the next week or day when doing things – for example, observing that the meal that you eat at 6.00 PM on the Saturday before the change would in fact, if it were served at the exact same time 24 hours later, would be at 5.00 PM on the Sunday. Interestingly, there are people in government who seem to think that it will serve us well to have a further month of “adjusted” time – i.e. making it 8 months on Daylight Saving, 4 months off.

I don’t see the point, especially when you consider that at the very beginning and end of the period the sun will be coming up at sometime around 8 AM or later. Though on the other end of it, now we have sunrise at 6.30 AM or so, but sunset will now come at around 4.30 PM and it will be dark by 6.00 PM.

Interestingly, this is the same weekend that some parts of the Southern Hemisphere go onto Daylight Saving (in particular the states in Australia that choose to partake in the fun {though Tasmania changed a couple of weeks ago already}). It’s a double-edged sword – in one way, it’s better with my being in standard time because one of my favourite radio shows, This Sporting Life now runs from 9 PM – 12 AM instead of the summer timeslot of 11 PM – 2 AM; but it makes connecting with people down under nearly impossible during the week as it’s usually midnight there when I get up at 7 AM my time.

I guess it’s just something you get used to. At least until it changes again in March. 😉

2 thoughts on “Time Change

  1. This daylight saving shiznit has messed me up this year.. I have no idea why but I’m really tired. *yawn*

    But the sun was coming up at 4am, which also was messing me up. I don’t know what is better but the long evenings are appreciated! 🙂

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