TV Stuff

Tonight marked the premiere of the “new” series called Vas o No Vas – literally “Go or no go”, but it’s just the latest incarnation of the worldwide hit Deal or No Deal – just 1) in Spanish and 2) with a smaller grand prize ($250,000 compared to big sister NBC’s $1 million plus). Also interesting are the differences in the gameplay – they’re slight but noticeable.

First is the “Tentación” case (poratfolio) that they have – for the one player that I saw, the case contained a Ford vehicle of both unknown type and cost. Second is the way that the offer from the banker is made – instead of using a telephone to tell the host what the offer is, they have a phone, ring it, but then send out another model to reveal the offer – yet there’s a female voiceover who does that bit; the case that the model carries out contains the word “oferta” (offer). In the end, the contestant walked away with $37,900 (this after turning down an offer about 10k larger then revealing the $125,000 case); as it wound up, he would have ended up with $25 if he’d played through to the end.

Also, I’m finally closing the book on Rockstar – I’ve had the raw recordings of the two finale episodes sitting around since they aired last month, and I still am to take out the commercials and convert them to a more common format; I’m going to be doing that tonight 🙂