Why I won’t upgrade to Firefox 2.0

There was some mention that today would be the day that Firefox 2.0 would come out. However, I’ve been testing it out for the last few weeks on my laptop system and there is only one thing that is keeping me from upgrading.

In version 1.5 (and maybe in earlier versions, but I’m not too sure about that), a neat little feature was introduced to those who like to save some real estate on their screen – a dialog window that would pop up when you hit Control+K (or, as I didn’t realize until recently, Control+E) that duplicated the function of the search bar in the navigation toolbar.

In version 2.0, they changed the behaviour to one where if you hide the search in the navigation toolbar, you’re forced to use the Firefox Start page (which, for some versions is considered the default start page, but I have opted since I started using firefox to use the Firefox Central page, which was updated to the 2.0 look a couple of days ago).

As had been mentioned in this thread which I had posted in to echo the sentiments of the original poster, it’s a step backwards to force people who don’t want to use up that screen space into using a single option for their searches.

I challenge the contributors to the Firefox project (or even those who can make extensions) to find a way to fix this problem, so that those of us who prefer the search box to be able to use it once again.

3 thoughts on “Why I won’t upgrade to Firefox 2.0

  1. I can’t STAND the search box. HATE IT. HATE IT i tell you. I have a link to google in my bar thingy and i click on that and it makes google appear and then life is happy, mmmkay? πŸ˜‰

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