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Today, I was (as I am usually wont to do) watching the Nascar race which, due to Notre Dame football on NBC, was airing on TNT. Normally, I’ll just change the channel to something else, but today I didn’t change the channel. The other thing is that TNT tend to air a lot of movies – most of the time they’ll show a single movie at least three times per weekend. The movies that air after races (or, presuming they actually had other sport to run on weekends aside from morning coverage of golf) are often movies that are known, but aren’t played too much anymore.

Today, the choice was the 2001 movie I am Sam, starring Sean Penn as the father of a 6-year-old girl named Lucy. The only thing is that he is mentally retarded and has shown to have the intellectual capacity of a 7-year-old. While it was a good movie, there are some things that I missed – first was how did he wind up taking care of Lucy (which i just missed as it is mentioned in a plot summary on IMDB). Next is the question of how he was lucky enough to not have been “found out” as being retarded before the incidents outlined in the movie. Nowadays (even if it is just 5 years later) there would be some parent who, if they were to see this situation, would raise a stink because they wouldn’t think that a person in his condition would be “suitable” to raise a child even if the proof shows the complete opposite picture.

Another interesting thing is the fact that despite the lawyer’s wanting to ignore him, the fact that she did pay some attention was probably the reason he would come back to her. What I find the most interesting, however, about her is that she wasn’t aware of the fact that the firm she works for doesn’t have a pro bono section, though that is mostly something that you would see only in the really large firms. Really, though, the only reason that she ends up representing him is that she caught herself in a lie after the party and was forced to take up the case.

Overall, it is a very interesting look into the life of a man who, while his mind might not be working on all of its cylinders, his heart is definitely in the right place with the love he has for his daughter.

One other note – I didn’t even know any of the actors in the movie until I looked at the IMDB entry – though it was mentioned to me that the main character was Sean Penn; it was really interesting to see how he really made that particular role work.

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  1. I have not seen this one yet but I have wanted to. If you liked him in this, you should see Dead Man Walking, Sean Penn was incredible in that role. 😉 I will have to add this to my (long) list of movies to own.

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