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We are somewhat lucky that we have at least five separate major grocery retailers in my general area. Three of them are based in my state, one is based in California, and the other is Wal-Mart. Most of these stores all have similar sales, but the prices can be different (or in some cases, the product)

So, as somewhat of a public service, I provide some sample prices for products on sale between today and Saturday (note that this is the only period where all five stores have these prices on offer concurrently)

For example, Stove-Top Stuffing. Three of the stores have it priced at 98¢, 99¢, and $1.00 respectively. The fourth store has it at $1.25 (advertised as 4/$5) and Wal-Mart has it priced at 88¢. Two stores have Clementines available – one at $4.98 and the other at $5.48. Something common in most stuffings made at this time of the year is Sage & Onion crutons produced by the Brownberry Baking company. One store (the same one with the $1.25 Stovetop) has it at $1.50. Another has had it at $2.00 for a while now, but they’ve put it on sale at $1.66 (or 3/$4.98). Yet another has it at $1.99 (or 2/$3.98). The other two don’t have it listed, so one can assume that their regular prices of $2.25 and $2.00 are maintained.

So, what’s the lesson here? I think it’s that just because you think that your neighbourhood store has the lowest price *you’ve* seen, doesn’t mean that it is the lowest price – a last example – most stores are having Dean’s dips at something like $1.50 per package; but there’s another store that has the same size on sale for 98¢.

3 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping

  1. Hmm, stove top stuffing sounds interesting. I subscribe to Jamie Oliver’s option of grabbing a lemon, poking fork holes in it, and then shoving it up the rear end of the bird I’m cooking.. 😉 It works a treat!

  2. I personally don’t chuck anything into the insides of birds except for maybe a piece or two of butter. Though, I will have to try the lemon idea one time there; it’s not too much of a stretch considering one of our favourite ways to have chicken breast is to put some lemon juice on it – do that with the microwave and it won’t dry out too much. 😉

    With the Stove Top, I prefer to have the low-sodium chicken flavour stuffing, but they’ve got turkey, pork and homestyle flavours, plus there are the generic store-brand labels on offer.

  3. The best way to save is to shop regularly at the same store and be aware of price increases, quality of meat, produce, etc. The time you’ll save by knowing the layout and the gas you save by not running around will be worth it.

    And never, never use a coupon or a loyalty card.

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