Just when you thought there were enough…

…there always seems to be more in the works. What am I talking about? Theme parks, of course. Here, we have the famous ones (Disneyland, Disney World, the 6 Flags chain, Universal Studios and the list goes on). In Europe and Asia however, the latest concessionaire of the theme park seems to be Mr. Bernie Ecclestone (supremo of Formula 1).

Pitpass are reporting that there are plans afoot to build an F1-themed park in Dubai, the first of many to be built around the world.

Maybe this will go better than EuroDisney, though I don’t know 😉

One thought on “Just when you thought there were enough…

  1. In ‘Pump Up The Volume’ Mark says “All the good themes have been used up, turned into theme parks” but I think there’s plenty of themes still to be used.. 🙂

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