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I have been up late the last couple of nights so I’ve had the pleasure(?) of being able to watch something that really should have stayed where it started – the late night quizshow. I believe that it first started in the UK, then spread to Australia with the Big Brother Uplate franchise, but then it expanded to all year last year, so all three of the commercial TV networks there have shows.

Here, we’re fortunate as only three cable networks – Superstation WGN, TBS and Game Show Network show versions of these shows – usually for an hour or two and not every night of the week.

Last night, the WGN show Play to Win, where you can text or call at a cost of $1.50, or use their website to enter for free, had this puzzle for a word unscramble –


Hmm…I wonder what that could mean? I mean, seriously, if you don’t get it in about 15 seconds (and that’s being generous I think, even though it took me about a minute to figure out Dentist earlier in the show), you have to be kinda “not with it”.

Now, if that wasn’t easy enough, the other night, they had another shuffle puzzle “shuzzle” –


I mean..come on people! Hey, it’s an animal that might wear a tux 😉

If you mightn’t have figured out by now, I really like the Chaser’s work, and they did a piece about the Aussie quizshows during their War on Everything. Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

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  1. I have the pleasure of Austar.. 🙂 never watch evil late night tv again! there’s a shitload of channels to flick through and find nothing on, then you can go back to the start 😉

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