Let us take a trip

…to “El Bloke” (Telemundo English for ‘the block”, which the proper Spanish spelling should be “el bloque”)

The main program in El Bloke is “Vas o No Vas” – which, if you’re familiar with TV show logos is exactly what it purports to be – “Deal or No Deal” in Spanish

Tonight’s contestant is Alba, who has brought her mother Tita along with her. As you can see, she has just turned down an offer of $23,000. After the break, she gets to choose her suitcase (portafolio/s in spanish).

She lucks out as it only contains $100, and the producers want us to know that, because of this, the offer will go up!

And does it ever! Now, the bank (who calls, but we have this elaborate presentation with a model) is offering $14,000 more – only because two of the three highest prizes are still available, $100,000 and $125,000.

So, what does she do? Reject that offer! “ยกNo Voy!” she says and opens the next case which has……

Of course, this is great news as the offer is sure to go up, but our host wants to have Tita stand with the banking model for the big reveal of the contents of the suitcase, along with the reveal of the banker’s new offer, which is….

Considering that some of the plans for the moneys they’d win is to have some kind of surgery for a hernia, along with a trip for Tita and her grandkids, this would be enough – considering the previous offers, it would make sense to take that offer…but…

She rejects it; again the producers remind us that $50,000 is a good offer, but they want to continue playing, so we select the next suitcase, number 21, which has the top available prize, $125,000; the host’s face while talking to the banker portends the bad news about to be levelled –
And here’s the offer –

In this set of photos, we see some more information provided to us by the producers (she has decided to turn down the new offer, but there is still that $100,000 out there). After she selects the case – unlucky number 13 – a temptation is offered. Here the producers are lazy and didn’t even change the placard in the suitcase from the last temptation offer.

She’s decided to turn down the offer, and go with case #13…let’s hope it’s a low number…
Oh no! Surely the offer is going to go down…but by how much? Here comes the banker’s model with the suitcase and the offer…

Ouch! But, as she says, they came with nothing and even if they leave with a little bit, it was a great experience, so “No Voy” she says and she goes on to open the final suitcase.

It’s a show that is quite easy to follow, and I think it’s more fun because there seems to be a natural energy to it rather than the US English version with Howie Mandel; then again, I think it might be that there isn’t as much of the rowdiness you see in the English-language crowd along with the fact that the people on the Spanish version seem more humble, and quite frankly, more docile; that makes it a pleasant viewing experience – of course the models help watching ๐Ÿ˜‰

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