One Hundred

Today marks the 100th post in this blog. Of course, at the rate that I had been posting, it probably would have been the middle of next month or so before I got to this point, but since the end of October or so, I have not missed a single day for posting; even when I didn’t feel like doing so.

So, what do I have planned? Well, I haven’t paid much attention to my links list; it doesn’t really reflect all the blogs that I read. For example, I have been reading Knifey’s blog for many months now, but haven’t linked to him. There are also a bunch of NaBloPoMo blogs that I have bookmarked for future reading which I haven’t linked to either.

Something else I’ve done is to add a little widget from Google Reader that shows some posts I’ve marked worth sharing. I have been testing it out for the last few days, and I should be having some more comments on that soon, mostly in comparison to Bloglines. One thing that I’ve noticed is that Google Reader doesn’t handle enclosures (which is how some folks deliver podcasts in a feed).

If you want some more information from a bloggers’ point of view, you can read Snoskred’s comments on Google Reader.

One other thing I’m looking to do somewhat soon (probably before changing my links around) is to upgrade my blog to the beta style, but I actually kinda like the raw-HTML editing mode that I have been using for ages, but I do like the new style Layouts as well.

3 thoughts on “One Hundred

  1. I’ve only played a little with the blogger beta but I *think* you can still do all the raw html you want. You might have to select “classic” something-or-other from the template editing view…

  2. rj – I do like the new features that some of the beta widgets have – such as the ability to add RSS feeds to your blog directly, but the thing with me is that I can be a real stick in the mud at times and just like to do things the “old” way 😉

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