Out and About

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I actually feel like I’ve gotten stuff done today – visiting some more NaBloPoMo blogs and commenting on them, posting queued mails to the various 419 mail blogs, checking in on my scambaits, and going out and taking a walk.

Just up the road from where I live are a family who own a few horses; most of the time they are in their stables, but while I was out walking, they were let out to run around in their field. I (as I usually do) had my camera with me and I, of course, took some photos.

There are a couple more photos from my walk today that I’ll be sharing over the next day or so. Oh, and I am now set up with flickr, which is easier to do than I had thought. šŸ™‚

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  1. That’s cool of you to stop by some NaBloPoMos and leave comments. Thanks for the well wishes. And hey, I like your new image. Good job personalizing it!

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