I live in a house where there are some, well, deficiencies in keeping the cold out, and a solution that we have devised is to simply put up a blanket in the front room. The new method, it has been determined, is to put in an actual curtain.

Well, at first we had gotten a rod that was too large to fit into the holder (it held a 1-3/8 inch piece, while the rod was 1-5/8 inch in diameter); so that had to go back to one home improvement store. We then went to the other store (the one that we go to more often) where we found a slightly-smaller-than the 1-3/8 inch diameter piece for 25ยข less per linear foot than the comprable piece at the first place.

So, anyway, using the measure-twice logic, we got a piece that was slightly longer than the actual length we needed, so it needs to be cut down. Enter me, the same person who is willing to let his computer sit for hours on end converting video from one format to another (i.e. raw TV recording to more compatible formats then to DVD format). I will say now that I am not afraid of saws, but since it’s somewhat difficult to get a precise measurement of the length that is needed, I didn’t want to lop too much off.

Well, knowing that, how do you go about getting a piece of wood shortened by about an inch or so? Take some 100 or 150-grit sandpaper and use that to basically whittle the wood down in millimeter incriments, checking about every half hour to see how the piece fits. After about 5 hours or so, I finally got the wood to the line that I had originally marked out as my goal, a distance of about 2 cm or just under an inch; and I still have a slight way to go before I can finally go about installing the piece into the wall (which in itself will be another exercise in patience as I actually want this to be done right and in level; though the fact that the ceiling is only going to be an inch or two above the pole should make it a skosh easier.

I think this might just in the end, be a sign. A sign that I might have too much time on my hands (though, I will grant that this was something productive, and a workout for my right arm). ๐Ÿ™‚

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