Phone calls

Well, even though I didn’t do any calling for candidates, it doesn’t mean that I have been insulated from calls from their campaigns. This evening alone, there have been two calls for different candidates – one is (I believe) standing for Governor – the fact that he is the person that I intend to vote for doesn’t matter; the other call received tonight was from a candidate for the House who is running in a different district to the one I am in. Interestingly, this was the second time that someone called from a campaign that isn’t even close to where I live – the other one was for a state legislature district about 30 miles from here or so.

Even stranger than the calls for out-of-area candidates is the fact that the call or the gubernatorial candidate came up listed as a 213 area code number – which is Los Angeles (the ID was STH PRK HTL, which I would presume means “South Park Hotel”).

The good part is that this will all be over by Wednesday or so; depending on if there are any challenges to the election.