Rockstar – The Album

Well, I’ve finally had a chance to hear the album in full, as you might have noticed in my little box. Overall I like the work that they’ve done, and I definitely think that Lukas Rossi (for those who might not have heard his last name before; I’ll certainly say that it’s a better fit than Robicheaux or however Dilana spells her last name) was the best choice to make. So anyway, just some thoughts on the tracks on the album:

1. It’s On – A good start to the album; the lyrics are solid, and hopefully they’re foreshadowing good things ahead with the lyrics “I don’t ever want to fade away”. Let it shine on. 🙂

2. Leave the Lights On – This is one track that you heard clips of somewhat often on TV and on the MSN site, but for the life of me I can’t place where it was in the broadcasts. There are some neat sax riffs in there. Some of the lyrics might suggest that it’s about making a certain type of film that certain members of the band might be somewhat familiar with….

3. Be Yourself (and 5 Other Clichés) – This song has been in my head for the last couple of days now; specifically the chorus; again, a good track and very listenable.

4. It’s All Love – The first thing is that there’s a lyric that says “never felt enough call it hate”, but for some reason I keep thinking it should be “Colin Hay“. I guess it’s one of those mindgames that you play on yourself… This track shows a bit of the softer side of the group, but it still has a “rock” feel to it.

5. Can’t Bring Myself to Light This Fuse – Here’s a song that shows a definitely softer side of Lukas, and shows the versatility that he has; it is interesting to put these songs back-to-back, but I think that it works; it’s almost a good idea as it gives an 8-minute break from the real “hard” rock (though I think it’d have been cool to let the rock stick together with itself as well).

6. Underdog – This track is one that you should immediately recoginse if you’ve seen the show, as this was the main theme for the commercial bumpers and the closing titles. I think it’s a good track, and the lyrics are fairly solid; it’s another song that is quite listenable.

7. Make No Mistake…This is the Take – I find that I don’t remember much of this track, even after listening to it; I think that the title makes it somewhat difficult to get a grasp; generally when you put an ellipsis into a song title, there is a bit of difficulty in picking up on it.

8. Headspin – When I had first heard this version of it, I thought it was quite good and had loved what they did to it, but after quite a few listens to it, I think that there was definitely room for improvement in it – least of which is the fact that they seem to have really slowed it down. It’s still a great song though. I forgot to mention this, but the one thing that kinda bugs me is the pronounciation of the word “paradise”. It sounds like he’s saying it as “pair-ee-dice”; it just kinda rubs me the wrong way…

9. Valentine – To me, this is one of those songs that seems to just go on for a while then stop; another track that I don’t remember much of. I have to say that it is somewhat disconcerting that the fade-out starts with about 20 seconds left in the song.

10. Social Disgrace – Another track that is admittedly not the greatest, but there is are some good riffs on guitar in there. 🙂

11. The Dead Parade – I haven’t heard many rock songs that start out with a choir singing. I think that it does work for this song, because I think it makes a cool effect, especially when they come back in and sing as backup.

Overall, it’s a very good record, but there is room for improvement. The tracks are quite short, with the longest one being just over 5 minutes, and 5 of the 11 tracks being shorter than 3:30. I don’t know what the exact reasoning for that is; it’s not like they’re doing them to perform on the TV show or anything. However, when they were on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, they performed at least two songs, but since they showed 6 minutes of ads between the performances, the second one got cut off in the middle with viewers being pointed to a site where you could view the video, but there was only one problem: it wasn’t there when I looked.

I hope that they do decide to do a second record after this, and this time have enough time to invest so that they have some longer songs and maybe be able to do some of Lukas’ older works from Cleavage and Rise Electric (it’d also be interesting to hear what they could do with some of the Crüe or Metallica as well).

If you’re interested in reading another review of the album, Snoskred has posted her thoughts on the album.