Rockstar – Back Again

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned the folks from Rockstar: Supernova. In fact, the last time I mentioned them was the Grand Final night, when Lukas won the spot as the lead singer. Today was the release date (for the US and Canada; Aussies and Kiwis had the release back on Thursday night US time) for their CD. I haven’t heard any of it yet, but I hear that what’s on there isn’t bad. You can listen to samples of the music on the CD at the Official Site.

They’re also appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight on ABC; I’ll be recording the program so that I can extract the segments where they are performing, and possibly (though I’m certain that there will be others out there nice enough to post the video) put it up for y’all to see, though my local ABC affiliate loves to stick their logo on *everything* that they broadcast. I’m just thankful that the Packers aren’t playing until Monday night; otherwise there’d be a green-and-gold opaque version of the station logo on screen during all program content.

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