Saturday Randomness

I’ve been kinda lost as to what to post about the last couple of days, so here’s another list of random things ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • A message to Schapelle Corby: most people don’t care if you don’t have a shag until you’re 47 (or ever again really). Thanks for telling us anyways. (Oddly enough, this story is the top story on the SMH site as of 4PM EDT Sunday…)
  • As I had discussed on Thursday, the sales slips for the Thankgiving sales have been out for a couple of days, and because of that, I have scoured them to make sure that we find the best bargains in the stores. Now, the plan is to go to the store that I think will have the lowest prices and compare to the prices that I can get with the sales combined with coupons {i.e. getting canned vegetables for 23ยข at one store, while another has them on offer at 25ยข per can}
  • I’ve had a really good week this week; it’s really good when you can get enough sleep.
  • There was just a commercial for South Africa Airways on TV, featuring the flags of the countries that they serve; it’s good to see more of the foreign airlines advertising here (usually the only ones you’d ever see are British Airways and Qantas; I’d never even heard of Cathay Pacific or many of the flag carriers of Asia until about a year ago)
  • MSN Messenger is a bad piece of software as it forces you to use Internet Explorer; I am trying to get my mother to switch away from IE to Firefox, and I figured that if I just changed the default browser, that would work; but it would seem that they’ve made it just near impossible to not use IE (there’s software, but that totally broke the linking mechanism such that you can’t open any links in any browser).
  • If you haven’t heard, Spongebob is still the “in” thing for marketing. Witness this scene below, where you can see both The Game of Life and Monopoly with special versions centred on the show (the Monopoly cover has the eyes as a hologram, that’s why it looks kinda strange). And no, I did not purchase them; just took the photo ๐Ÿ˜‰

2 thoughts on “Saturday Randomness

  1. I like SpongeBob, but not enough to throw fistfuls (?) of money at retailers on his behalf.

    Still haven’t seen the movie, though.

    Also I find “random” makes perfectly good blog posts, often better than I expected.

  2. I use both IE and Firefox, and like IE better. Seems to load much faster. Text looks odd to me in Firefox. Sort of squished.

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