A sign of the times

I was just watching our local Spanish-language TV station, and they had an ad on for coverage of the upcoming elections. In the past, I doubt that you would have seen spanish coverage of a mid-term election, but I think that because the station is distributed to most of the state via cable, they are putting this together, with reporters with the main candidates running (i.e. the Gubernatorial candidates).

Of course, the fact that the spot aired immediately prior to that was in English makes me wonder sometimes; especially since it’s a commercial provided by the Government.

Another sign of the times is that you are seeing more Spanish in daily life is that you’re starting to see mainstream products have bilingual elements. Witness below, the Betty Crocker cake mix that proudly proclaims that it has instructions in Spanish:

Eventually, I think that it might turn into a situation like Canada where both languages will be seen as acceptible in daily life; ironically, in my area there was a time before the first World War that businesses would actually put out “We Speak English” signs because most of the people in the city at the time spoke German.

One thought on “A sign of the times

  1. Hey, I just baked one of those cakes today. Whee.

    Interestingly the “new look” was translated as “nouveau look” for the French bit. Er…I don’t think that’s quite right.

    Hi, by the way!

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